Power Factor Correction Three phase Capacitors


MODULO XD capacitors are used for the fixed and automatic PFC systems in a wide range of industrial applications. The three elements are housed in a plastic container which, together with the impregnating agents, assures dual insulation between the wound cores and metal enclosure.

To guarantee perfect filling during the resin impregnation process, the process itself is carried out prior to the elements being placed in the enclosure; in this way the distribution and uniformity of the impregnation can be subjected to a complete visual and dimensional inspection. The overpressure protection system is specifically dimensioned so as to constantly ensure maximum safety in terms of ground protection and protection against the risk of arcing, even in conditions where there is a high energy density.
The characteristics of these capacitors are especially suitable for continuous duty under highly demanding conditions in harmonic rich environments.


General Characteristics
Power Range 1.5 ÷50 kVAr
Voltage range  230 ÷ 800 V
Capacitance tolerance  -5 +10%
Rated frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz
Dielectric losses ≤ 0.2 W/kVAr
Life expectancya ≥110000h –25/D
≤130000h –25/C
Max dV/dt 100 V /µs
Temperature class  -25/D
Duty Continuous
Max overload In  4 x I n
Max inrush current 200 I n
Terminals Screw clamps
Protection rating IP20 (IP54 on request)
Internal connection Delta
Discharge resistance External (50 V after 60’’)
Impregnating material Eco-friendly resin
Altitude ≤ 4000 m s.l.m.
Storage Temperature  –40 +80 °C
Test voltage (AC) between terminals 2.15 Un x 2”
Test voltage between terminals and case 3kV x 10’’ (UN 660 V)
Standards IEC 831 – 1/2