VIDI+ System Controllers

The VIDI+ Controller platform is for use in OPUS DC Power systems. VIDI+ controllers provide an intelligent, user-friendly interface coupled with a comprehensive set of features for DC power system management.The VIDI+ architecture is based on Power CAN bus communications and a modular design which enables flexibility, easy expandability and additional user-selectable features. Key functions include Energy Save mode, rectifier runtime counter, alarm configuration, real-time clock with battery backup, inventory management and more. The VIDI+ controller can support up to 47 rectifier modules.

The VIDI+ controller family includes the VIDI-LVD, VIDI-BM and VIDI-SAM auxiliary controllers.


  • System Output Voltage Measurement
  • AC input voltage, individual rectifiers
  • DC output voltage, individual rectifiers
  • DC output current, individual rectifiers
  • Temperature, individual rectifiers
  • DC output current, total rectifiers
  • Battery current
  • Load current

Opus DC Power Systems / Battery Charger Systems


Model Input Voltage (Vdc)Cooling
VIDI+ I/O18 – 280Natural convection
VIDI-BM18 – 280Natural convection
VIDI-LVD18 – 280Natural convection
VIDI-SAM18 – 280Natural convection


ElectricalVIDI+ , VIDI+ I/O
Power Input voltage range18 – 280 VDC
Communication PortsVIDI+ , VIDI+ I/O
LAN10/100 Ethernet, RJ-45 connector
Serial communicationRS-232, 9600-115200 kbps
Monitoring and Control  Local Monitoring and ControlUser Interface Module
Local Display128 x 64 Graphical LCD with Backlight
Local OperationDial button, Info button and cancel button
Local LED indication3 color system Status LED
InfoDedicated button to open info text
Default viewCharge mode, system voltage, number of active alarms
LanguagesEnglish, Russian, Finnish, Custom
Monitoring and Control  Remote Monitoring and ControlVIDI+, VIDI+ I/O
Remote PC connectionConnect via LAN
Local PC connectionConnect directly with serial port RS-232 or LAN port
AlarmsE-mail or SNMP traps
Remote user interfaceWeb interface, 4 access levels
Remote terminalText mode interface over Telnet/SSH
Supported ProtocolsHTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, SSH, SMTP, SNMPv2, SNMPv3
LanguagesEnglish, Russian, Finnish


Case Study

Modular & Redundant Battery Chargers for Six Electrical Substations In Bangladesh

Configurable Alarms

  • Mains Fault
  • Phase Fault
  • Rectifier Low/Over voltage System Low/Over voltage
  • Rectifier overcurrent
  • Rectifier Over Temperature
  • System Over Temperature
  • High Battery Temperature
  • Low Battery Temperature
  • Rectifier Fault
  • Module Communication Error/Module Fault
  • Load fuse fault
  • Battery LVD or Load LVD Contactor failure
  • Battery Temperature Sensor Fault
  • Rectifiers No Redundancy Alarms/Rectifiers Over Load, Configurable limits
  • Load Disconnect Warning, Configurable limits
  • Load Disconnect
  • Battery Fuse Fault
  • Battery Discharge Test Fault
  • Boost Charge Fault
  • Battery Disconnect Warning, Configurable limit
  • Earth fault detection