VIDI-BM is a supervision module for batteries and it further expands comprehensive control and monitoring features of the OPUS DC Power Systems.VIDI-BM provides detailed information regarding battery back-up condition and it is designed to measure block voltages and battery current. Two configurable alarm inputs of the module can be utilized e.g. for the battery temperature measurement and fuse alarm. All the information and alarms can be monitored by means of the WEB browser.

VIDI-BM is universal solution for all OPUS DC Power Systems from 24 VDC up to 220 VDC. Four adjacent battery blocks can be measured with one module and up to 16 modules can be daisy chained to measure full string of batteries.VIDI-BM is easy-to-install device connected to Pow- erCAN bus and the adjacent or remote back-up battery bank.


Operating voltage range 19–280VDC
Communication PowerCAN connection to VIDI+ Controller
Block Voltage Measurement  Inputs: 4 pcs 12V nominal, Accuracy < 20mV, polarity protection
System voltage measurement range 0 – 280 VDC
Current sense 1 pc shunt voltage measurement, 60 mV
Alarm inputs 2 pcs configurable alarm/temperature inputs
Status indication  LED Green/Red
Mechanical data Dimensions (H xW x D) : 75 x 160 x 27 mm
Weight : 320 g
Protection class IP20