SuperCaps UPS

Riello SuperCaps UPS are designed to provide complete power supply protection for sensitive and mission-critical loads, protecting them from mains disturbances and providing sufficient energy to compensate for interruptions in mains supply. SuperCaps UPS are a type of uninterruptible power supply developed by Riello UPS, which use supercapacitors to accumulate energy instead of conventional batteries.

Their back-up time is dependent on the load but is sufficient to supply it until the mains power is restored or until the reserve power generator starts automatically. At the heart of the Riello, SuperCaps UPS is a sophisticated control system that manages the charge-discharge cycle of the super-capacitors and optimises their lifecycle, which may exceed a million cycles. SuperCaps UPS are ideal for critical installations that are sensitive to short power supply interruptions (they can last from a few cycles up to over a minute). Traditionally UPS rely on batteries for accumulating energy, but at least 87% of power supply interruptions last for less than a second(1), SuperCaps UPS provide greater energy efficiency, lower costs and reduced footprints for systems and data centres. Most UPS are installed as standard with batteries lasting 5-10 minutes to protect the load against generator startup failure.

For modern data centres, electro-medical and industrial applications, the installation of a system with conventional batteries provides insufficient runtime to resolve some of the most common generator startup failure problems: fuel blockage or startup battery failure. Many data centres require between 3-6 hours to transfer operation to a mirroring site or shut-down. Electromedical installations require a secure energy source to ensure life-saving services, and automated manufacturing processes required uninterrupted power to prevent faults in machinery and equipment.
For all three critical installation types, an efficient generator set supported by a UPS with a relatively brief autonomy offers the most efficient and effective power continuity solution. SuperCaps are highly ecological and offer a great number of advantages with respect to conventional UPS batteries. SuperCaps UPS do not have batteries and therefore provide savings in terms of battery installation, monitoring, maintenance, replacement and recycling costs. With respect to the 5-7 year lifecycle of standard batteries, SuperCaps UPS have a theoretically infinite lifecycle and provide a lower impact per size/kVA.

Super Capacitor benefits include:

  • Clean Energy: an eco-friendly, battery-free uninterruptible power supply
  • High Efficiency: with modular expansion for increased power and runtime
  • Long Operating Life: up to 5 to 10 times longer than UPS lead-acid batteries
  • High Number of Cycles: up to a million compared to 300-400 for a lead-acid battery set
  • Low Maintenance Costs: easy to install and maintain with no battery maintenance required
  • Higher Working Temperature: no need for cooling to 20-25degrees Centrigrade as with UPS batteries
  • Compact Footprint and Low Weight: with no associated battery weights or volumes