Sentinel Dual Low Power On-line Double Conversion AC UPS 

Uninterruptible Power Supplies 1kVA – 3kVA – Ideal for Server Room Applications

Sentinel Dual Low Power (SDH) is a versatile UPS designed to deal with non-linear loads. It’s a proven solution for Edge applications, blade servers, VoIP equipment, IT networks, electro-medical devices, emergency lighting, and security/safety systems. Check out What UPS Should I Use For My Server Room?

Install as either a freestanding tower or 2U rackmount UPS. Simply plug and play, no complicated setup. Enhanced inverter delivers 0.9 power factor and 92% efficiency. Easy maintenance with hot-swappable batteries.  The doubly-versatile Sentinel Dual (Low Power) combines installation flexibility with fantastic functionality and ease of maintenance. The single-phase UPS comes in a variety of 4 power ratings (1000-1500-2200-3000 VA).

For critical business continuity applications requiring long runtimes, SENTINEL DUAL can be installed with battery extension packs (ER models) with their own internal battery chargers to maintain sensible recharge times. The UPS also incorporates the Riello UPS ‘power-off’ function found in other ECO Line UPS. Premium Dual is designed to save energy when no loads are connected.

Reduced Management Costs

SENTINEL DUAL can be programmed remotely via software or set manually from the front mimic panel to operate in a range of energy saving operating modes:

  • On Line: maximum power protection and output voltage waveform quality
  • ECO: to increase operating efficiency to 98% and provide line interactive protection
  • Smart Active: with the UPS selecting automatically its operating mode – ECO or On-Line dependent upon the reliability and quality of the local mains power supply.
  • Backup: for emergencies only with the UPS only operating when mains power fails
  • Frequency converter: from 50 to 60Hz or 60 to 50Hz.

Advanced Communication

SENTINEL DUAL offers maximum flexibility for integrations with any communication system.

  • Multiplatform communication for all operating systems and network environments, Powershield3 supervision and shut-down software included for Windows 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP, Linux, Mac OS X, Sun Solaris and VMware ESX operating systems and other Unix operating systems.
  • UPS Tools configuration and personalisation software supplied as standard.
  • RS232 serial port and optoisolated contacts.
  • USB port
  • Slot for communication cards such as Modbus/Jbus, TCP/IP, SNMP and relay contacts.

High Output Voltage Quality

  • Even with distorting loads (IT loads with a crest factor of up to 3:1).
  • High short circuit current on bypass.
  • High overload capacity: 150% from inverter (even with no mains power).
  • Filtered, stabilised, reliable (On Line double conversion technology (VFI in accordance with EN62040-2 class C2) standard with filters to suppress atmospheric disturbances.
  • Load power factor correction: incoming UPS power factor close to 1 and sinusoidal current absorption.

High Levels Of Battery Reliability

  • Automatic and manual battery tests
  • Batteries are ‘hot-swappable’ and user-replaceable
  • Unlimited battery runtime extension using battery extension packs

Other Features

  • Output voltage can be selected using software (220-230-240V)
  • Auto-restart when mains power returns (programmed via software)
  • Stand-by on Bypass: when the machine is switched off, it automatically goes into bypass operation with batteries charging
  • Power-Off with zero load connected to save energy
  • Low battery warning
  • Power-on delay
  • Full microprocessor control
  • Automatic bypass without interruption
  • Status, measurements and alarms available on the front panel mimic panel and LCD
  • UPS firmware upgrade via PC platform
  • Input protection including a user reset thermal switch (up to 1500VA
  • Back-feed protection
  • Manual option to switch to bypass


ModelPowerActive PowerInput Voltage
SDH 10001000 VA900 W220-230-240 Vac
SDH 15001500 VA1350 W220-230-240 Vac
SDH 22002200 VA1980 W220-230-240 Vac
SDH 2200ER2200 ER  VA1760 W220-230-240 Vac
SDH 30003000 VA2700 W220-230-240 Vac
SDH 3000ER3000 VA2400 W220-230-240 Vac



Nominal voltage220-230-240 Vac
Voltage range without battert intervention140 Vac < Vin < 276 Vac @50% LOAD / 184 Vac < Vin < 276 Vac @ 100% LOAD
Maximum permitted voltage300 V
Nominal frequency50/60 Hz ±5Hz
Power factor> 0,98
Voltage tolerance200 – 253 Vac
Frequency toleranceFrequency selected (from ±0.5Hz to ±5Hz configurable)
Overload Times125% for 4 seconds, 150% for 0,5 seconds
Nominal voltage220-230-240 Vac selectable
Voltage distortion< 2%
Frequency50/60 Hz selectable
Static variation1%
Dynamic variation≤ 5% in 20 ms
Crest factor3:1
ECO and Smart Active Modes
TypeVRLA AGM maintenance-free lead based
Recharge time2-4 hours



ModelMax LoadBatteryQuantityEstimated Backup TimeInput Plug
VA/W100% Load75% Load50% Load25% Load
SDH 10001000/90012V 7AH33.0′6.5′11.5′28.0′IEC 320 C16
SDH 22002200/198012V 7AH62.5′5.5′10.5′26.0′IEC 320 C20
SDH 30003000/270012V 9AH62.0′4.5′9.5′25.5′IEC 320 C20
Backup times are based on a load power factor of 0.9
Battery cut-off voltage assumed to be 10.0VPB

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