Reactive Power Controller For Power Factor Correction

The new rEvolution R5 Power Factor Controller has been designed to allow simplify installation and allow a quick and easy startup of the PFC unit. The R5 models are equipped with connection technology allowing the exchange of performance and system status data both locally to the Ducati Smart Energy Smartphone App (via NFC) and remotely for monitoring purposes (RS485 / radio) through the new ENERGY GEAR and ENERGY BRIDGE dataloggers.

The big display with bright, red LEDs is easily readable in every lighting condition and from a great distance.The 5 button keypad simplifies the navigation of the menus and allows
a more intuitive the setup of the configuration parameters. One key is dedicated to the quick change from manual to automatic mode and vice-versa.

The advanced detection algorithms can sense on which phase the CT is installed and in which direction, automatically setting the relevant parameters to avoid common installation errors.
The dual power input, 400VAC and 230VAC, allows using the controller in single-phase networks with neutral or three-phase networks with or without neutral.

Thanks to a powerful microprocessor, R5 calculates the real power factor from the voltage-current displacement of the fundamental harmonic at the nominal voltage, and in addition, it measures the total harmonic distortion of voltage (THDV%) and current (THDI%) with a global spectrum up to 60th
harmonic order.

Smart communications – Power Factor Controller

The NFC connection (available on all models) provides fast data exchange with the Ducati Smart Energy Smartphone App, whereas the optional radio and RS485 interfaces allow permanent communication either wirelessly (868MHz) to the ENERGY BRIDGE gateway or to the ENERGY GEAR datalogger/gateway, respectively.

It’s also possible to download all the Event logs stored in the local memory to perform a local diagnostic on the Smartphone (useful for on-site maintenance) or remotely in real-time.

Technical Features

Power Supply:

  • Rated voltage: 400 or 230 VAC
  • Frequency range: 45 – 66 Hz
  • Power consumption: 2.5 W – 3 VA

Current Input:

  • Current rating: 5 A (1 A programmable)
  • Input consumption: < 1.8 VA

Relay Output

  • Number of outputs: 5 with 1 common terminal
  • Contact type: NO (Normally Open)
  • Maximum operating voltage: 440 VAC
    Nominal Capacity: AC1 6 A – 250 V~, AC15 1.5 A – 440 V


  • Over-Voltage and Over-Current
  • Low Voltage and Low Current
  • THDV and THDI threshold
  • Max Temperature with double threshold (optional): forced ventilation/Temperature Alarm & Standby
  • Insufficient power factor correction (low cosφ)

RS485 Interface

  • Modbus-RTU
  • ASCII Ducbus

Radio Interface

  • Carrier frequency: 868 MHz
  • Protocol: Modbus-RTU

NFC Interface

  • Data exchange with smartphone app via antenna (behind display)

Compliance with standards

  • IEC/EN 61010-1
  • IEC/EN 61000-6-2
  • IEC/ EN 61000-6-4

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