Protect Flex Modular Industrial Grade UPS

Modular Uninterruptible Power Supply 10kVA-40kVA

A new concept of UPS systems that combines a modular architecture based on 10 and 15 kVA/kW hot-swappable power modules with a customizable set of options.
The system is an industrial-grade fully modular UPS, flexible and highly cost-effective. It can cope effectively with harsh environmental conditions, with an IP43 rating protection. Protect Flex is designed to maximize savings in terms of footprint and power installed (kVA).
Protect Flex’s innovative design encapsulates AEG PS’ unmatched expertise in securing power for industrial applications : chemical and petrochemical industry, power generation, mining, transport applications, healthcare environments (group 0-1 according to IEC 60364-7-710)

  • Input PF > 0.99, THDi < 4 % (without additional filters)
  • Output PF up to unity and compatible with inductive or capacitive loads without derating
  • Ingress protection up to IP43 (more rugged environmental protection available upon request)
  • Integrated static and manual bypass lines
  • Parallel capability up to 160 kVA (4 x 40 kVA in parallel)**
  • 7″ color Touch Screen graphic
  • Connectivity options: SNMP, Modbus, BACnet®
  • Phase configuration options: 1/1, 3/1 and 3/3
  • Large set of functional options to meet all specific requirements and challenging conditions



Rectifier typeIGBT based, Vienna bridge
Nominal voltage(3 phase+N+G) 380/400/415 I Only with 10 kVA/kW Power Module: (1 phase+N+G) 220/230/240
Voltage range (V)304 to 478 V (at full load) I 228 to 304 V (with load decreasing linearly)
Frequency (Hz)50/60
Frequency range (Hz)40/70
Input power factor> 0.99
Input THDi< 4 % (with full linear load)
Inverter type3-level IGBT based
Voltage (V)(3 phase) 380/400/415 I Only with 10 kVA/kW Power Module: (1 phase+N+G) 220/230/240
Output THDv (according to IEC EN 62040-3)< 1 % (with linear load)
< 5.5 % (with non linear load)
Output PFUp to 1
Crest factor3:01
Frequency (Hz)50/60
Overload capacity (through inverter line)110 % for 60 min
125 % for 10 min
150 % for 1 min
> 151 % for 200 ms
AC/AC efficiency in double conversion (VFI)> 94 % (at nominal load)
AC/AC efficiency in ECO Mode (VFD)> 98 % (at nominal load)
Nominal DC voltage (VDC)± 240 (with +/N/- connections)
Number of cells240 (settable from 192 to 264)
Recharge power10 % * System Power (nominal value); settable: from 0 to 20 % * System power
Operating temperature (°C)0 to 40
Storage temperature (°C)-40 to 70
Relative humidity0 to 95 %
AltitudeUp to 1000 m (without derating), up to 2000 m (load derated 1 % every 100 m)
Noise at 1 m distance at 100 % of load (dB)66

Cabinet Power table

Maximum power capacity (kVA/kW)20/2030/3040/40
Maximum number of power modules connected2 x 10 kVA2 x 15 kVA4 x 10 kVA
Dimensions with IP20, W x D x H (mm)600 x 800 x 1810
Weight of standard cabinet IP20 without transformer (kg)165165172
Phase configuration3/3; 3/1; 1/13/3;3/3; 3/1; 1/1
Color of the frameRAL 7035RAL 7035RAL 7035
VentilationDual ventilation system: In each power module with inbuilt fan fault detection and inside the cabinet (forced ventilation from front to top)

Power Modules Specifications

Dimensions W x D x H (mm)438 x 590 x 85 (2U)
Weight (kg)15.3
Dimensions W x D x H (mm)438 x 590 x 85 (2U)
Weight (kg)15.5

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