PBC Braided Power Shunts

  • Undrilled palms to customer’s specific designs, fitted by power press
  •  Extra-flexible power connections (expansion rings, busbar…)
  • Tinned electrolytic copper strand Ø 0,15 mm
  • When used in parallel, the 2 shunts must be spaced with a minimum distance equal to the thickness of the shunt to allow air cooling

Flat Copper & Stainless Steel Braids

FTCB15 – Flat Tinned Copper Braids 30 A – 360 A

FTCBI – Insulated Flat Tinned Copper Braids 120 A – 150  A

FRCB15 – Flat Plain Copper Braids

FTCB20 – Flat Tinned Copper Braids 45 A – 150 A

FSSB – Stainless Steel Flat Braids – Stainless steel 316L