PBC Braided Power Shunts

  • Undrilled palms to customer’s specific designs, fitted by power press
  •  Extra-flexible power connections (expansion rings, busbar…)
  • Tinned electrolytic copper strand Ø 0,15 mm
  • When used in parallel, the 2 shunts must be spaced with a minimum distance equal to the thickness of the shunt to allow air cooling

Typical Applications

  • Transformer or generator to busbar connection
  • Overcome vibration/alignment problems
  • Power interconnection
Braided Flexible Connection for Transformer Busduct Link

Series Table

Part NumberArticle NumberCross Section∆T 30 K∆T 50 KLength LABC2 Bar Current Coefficient
PBC100X250564000100 mm²349 A462 A250 mm35 mm40 mm7.0 mm1.72
PBC100X500564050100 mm²349 A462 A500 mm35 mm40 mm7.0 mm1.72
PBC120X250564010120 mm²385 A511 A250 mm35 mm40 mm7.5 mm1.72
PBC150X250564100150 mm²440 A583 A250 mm55 mm50 mm8.0 mm1.72
PBC150X500564150150 mm²440 A583 A500 mm55 mm50 mm8.0 mm1.72
PBC200X250564200200 mm²550 A729 A250 mm55 mm50 mm9.0 mm1.72
PBC200X500564250200 mm²550 A729 A500 mm55 mm50 mm9.0 mm1.72
PBC250X300564300250 mm²651 A863 A300 mm85 mm50 mm10.5 mm1.72
PBC300X400564400300 mm²716 A948 A400 mm85 mm60 mm11.0 mm1.65
PBC400X400564500400 mm²853 A1,131 A400 mm85 mm80 mm11.0 mm1.60
PBC500X400564600500 mm²917 A1,216 A400 mm105 mm100 mm11.0 mm1.65
PBC600X450564700600 mm²1,101 A1,459 A450 mm105 mm100 mm13.0 mm1.60
PBC800X450564800800 mm²1,376 A1,823 A450 mm105 mm100 mm14.0 mm1.60
PBC1000X4505649001,000 mm²1,651 A2,188 A450 mm105 mm100 mm16.0 mm1.60
PBC1200X5005640301,200 mm²1,982 A2,626 A500 mm125 mm120 mm17.5 mm1.60

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