Lead Acid Battery Monitoring System

PBAT-Gate Battery Monitoring System for UPS & Data Centres 

Integrated by both web system and hardware devices, the PBAT-Gate Battery Monitoring System provides 24/7/365 real-time view of battery health and data analysis by reports. The real-time alarm allows you to make quick responses to battery issues and thus to avoid costly business loss. With voltage equalization/balancing feature, the uptime of battery backup can be maximised and costs of maintenance & replacement can be minimised. Read More about our Lead Acid Battery Monitoring System.

Lead Acid Battery Monitoring PBAT-Gate Battery Monitoring System for UPS & Data Centre Applicatio

Battery Monitoring System Features


  • 24/7 Hours Online Monitoring & Remote Alarms Notification
  • Suitable for UPS and Data Centre Application
  • Report of battery string voltage & current, individual battery voltage, temperature and impedance
  • Setpoint alarm for cell voltage, internal temperature, impedance, SOC, SOH (upper limit, lower limit)
  • Setpoint alarm for cell string voltage, current, SOC (upper limit/lower limit)
  • Anti-interference design allows connection with High-frequency UPS
  • Build-in web server with visual display
  • Local display via HMI
  • Online balancing
  • Online remote firmware upload
  • Auto-sensing for the battery sensor’s ID Address
  • Multi-communication protocol (MODBUS-TCP, SNMP)
  • Support 4G sending SMS alarm
  • Apply with IEEE 1188-2005 Standard

How does it work?

Cell Sensor: 

  • Measure cell voltage, internal impedance and cell temperature from negative pole.
  • Each cell sensor communicates with each other through DL-BUS protocol. Data is uploaded to PBAT600 via RJ11 cable.

String Sensor:

  • Measure string voltage, charge & discharge current via Hall sensor.
  • Send order to cell sensor to calculate SOC & SOH.
  • Equalize voltage of whole string.


  • Store and analyse data it collects.
  • With a built-in web server, all data can be displayed on web page system.
  • Report for battery, such as string voltage & current, cell voltage, cell temperature, cell impedance.
  • Pinpointing alarm for battery problems/issues.
  • SMS alarm.
  • Available for Modbus-TCP/IP and SNMP communication protocol.
  • Measure ambient temperature & humidity


Save Money & Avoid Business Losses

7*24h monitoring to analyse and predict battery accidents that may happen. Accurate data report and real-time alarm (Via LED indicator, system notification and SMS notification), allowing to respond quickly to potential battery accidents. Reduce cost on human check and maintenance.

Save Time

Remotely monitor battery data and find out the exact faults of specific individual batteries.

Prolong Battery Life

Equalize voltage of whole battery string to optimize battery status and prolong battery life.

Accurate SOC & SOH Calculation

To know exactly when to replace batteries.

Guarantee Human Safety

Reduce the frequency of physical contact with the battery.

Monitor Ambient Temperature & Humidity

Over-limit of ambient temperature & humidity does harm to battery performance and capacity.