OS Series

Up to 450kV Regulated High Voltage DC Power Supplies

The OS family of power supplies are sophisticated 2 kW, open stack, power supplies with extremely low ripple and noise.They are air insulated fast response units with tight regulation. They are designed to meet the growing demands from both users and electric utilities for switching supplies with excellent input power factors that draw harmonic currents below those specified in EN61000-3-2.

OS series models consist of a rack style driver chassis, a high voltage stack assembly, and a remote control unit. The driver chassis is provided in a cabinet which is 8.43” H X 22.56” D, onto which the high voltage stack is mounted. The dimensions of the stack vary with the output voltage rating and are given in the specifications. The rack mountable remote control provides all interface functions and is connected to the driver chassis with the 25 ft. long cables provided. The remote control unit is 5.25” H X 5.0” D.


Specifications apply from 5% to 100% rated voltage. (Operation is guaranteed down to zero voltage with a slight degradation of performance.)

  • Input: 198-264 V RMS single phase, 48-63 Hz, 2600 VA maximum at full load. A three position terminal block with protective cover is provided on the rear panel of the driver chassis.
  • Efficiency: Typically 80% at full load
  • Output: Continuous stable adjustment from 0 to rated voltage or current by panel mounted 10-turn potentiometers with 0.05% resolution, or by external 0 to 10 V signals is provided. Repeatability better than 0.1% of setting. Voltage accuracy is 0.5% of setting + 0.2% of rated.
  • Voltage Regulation: Better than +/- 0.005% for specified line variations and 0.005% for no load to full load variations.
  • Current Regulation: Better than +/- 0.005% for specified line variations and 0.1% from short circuit to rated voltage at any load condition, when in current regulation mode. When in current trip mode the HV output will disable and latch off when the load current reaches the programmed current level. Reset is accomplished by either cycling the AC power or HV ON/OFF buttons or by toggling the HV enable signal. A switch located on the rear panel of the remote control chassis allows the selection of current limit or current trip operation
  • Ambient Temperature: -20 to +40° C, operating, -40 to +85° C storage.
  • Remote Control Unit: A separate control panel chassis is provided which contains all the control functions.The front panel of this assembly contains: separate 10-turn controls with locking vernier dials used to set the voltage and current levels, High Voltage ON switch, High voltage OFF/Reset switch and an AC power on/off switch and indicator. LED‘s indicate when the high voltage is on, output polarity, interlock status and whether the supply is operating in a voltage or current regulating mode. Output levels are indicated by voltage and current digital meters.  The rear panel of this assembly contains: AC power on indicator, ground stud, driver/control chassis  interface connectors, current limit/ current trip selector switch, and remote user interface terminal strip.


  • Arc Quench: The HV output is inhibited for a short period after each load arc to help extinguish the arc
  • Power Factor Corrected: Active correction circuitry achieves an input line current harmonic content well below the maximum specified in EN61000-3-2.
  • Air Insulated: The OQ Series features “air” as the primary dielectric medium. No oil or encapsulation is used to impede serviceability or increase weight
  • Low Ripple: Typically, ripple is less than 0.05% peak to peak of rated voltage at full load
  • Pulse-Width Modulation: Off-the-line pulse-width modulation provides high efficiency and a reduced parts count for improved reliability
  • Constant Voltage/Constant Current Operation: Automatic crossover from constant-voltage to constant-current regulation provides protection against overloads, arcs, and short circuits
  • Constant Current/Current Trip: A rear panel selector switch on the remote chassis allows selection of either current mode
  • Tight Regulation: Voltage regulation is better than 0.005% for allowable line and load variations. Current regulation is better than 0.1% from short circuit to rated voltage
  • Warranty: All power supplies are warranted for three years. A formal warranty statement is available

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Specifications Table

See Datasheet
Input Voltage: 
198-264 VAC
Up to 80%
Operating Temp: 
-20 to +40 °C
Worldwide Safety Approvals: 
EN61000-6-4:2007, Class A