OPUS HE 12U Up to 6KW

Convection Cooled – Modular Battery Charger For Industrial Applications

The new OPUS HE 12U is a high-efficiency rack-mount DC power system that is designed for critical infrastructure applications such as telecommunications, process industries, railway signalling and substations, and transmission and distribution substations.OPUS HE DC power systems consist of MHE rectifiers, VIDI+ controllers, Connections for mains and battery and load distribution.

System is configurable to match with requirements of the application. 19” 12U Rack delivers maximum 10 kW output power at 48, 60, 110, 125 and 220 VDC and 7.5 kW at 24 VDC output. 19” 12U Racks include slots for maximum 5 rectifier modules. Load distribution configuration of MCB quantity and current ratings can be configured per order. Wall mounting, IP21 cover kit, temperature sensor, battery block voltage monitoring and BLVD are options.

DC UPS - Battery Charger with backup for electrical substations and industrial applications in NZ


  • Critical infrastructure
  • Power transmission substations
  • Power distribution substations
  • Railway signalling and substations
  • Process industries
  • Telecommunications

Case Study

Modular & Redundant Battery Chargers for Six Electrical Substations In Bangladesh

Features of CAB 716 

  • 48VDC Dual 3.2kW battery charger in a 45U 600mm W x 600mm D cabinet
  • Two 230VAC Mains Input Connections
  • Float Voltage of 56.8VDC configured for NiCd batteries
  • Single DC Distribution with 10 x 10A 2P load breakers with Auxiliary switches
  • Configured for redundancy by two +P95 blocking diodes
  •  Two 100A 2P Battery MCB’s, one for each battery
  • Temperature sensor with temperature compensation
  • A Low Voltage Disconnect set at 40VDC for each charger
  • End customer: Power grid company in Bangladesh
  • SNMP



Model Power Out Max (kW) Input Voltage (VAC) Output Voltage Range (VDC) Output Current Max (A)
OPUS HE 24-4.5 R12U F 7.5kW 100-250 VAC / 3 x 173-433 VAC (TN-S system)* 21-33VDC 312.5A
OPUS HE 48-6.0 R12U F/P 10kW 100-250 VAC / 3 x 173-433 VAC (TN-S system)* 42-59VDC 208.5A
OPUS HE 60-6.0 R12U F/P 10kW 100-250 VAC / 3 x 173-433 VAC (TN-S system)* 51-72VDC 166.7A
OPUS HE 110-6.0 R12U F 10kW 100-250 VAC / 3 x 173-433 VAC (TN-S system)* 90-150VDC 92.5A
OPUS HE 125-6.0 R12U F 10kW 100-250 VAC / 3 x 173-433 VAC (TN-S system)* 100-160VDC 83.3A
OPUS HE 220-6.0 R12U F 10kW 100-250 VAC / 3 x 173-433 VAC (TN-S system)* 178-280VDC 46.3A
*Options: 1-phase supply 100-250VAC, 3-phase Delta/IT supply 3 x 173-250VAC


AC-connection TN-S system, 3W + N + PE, (3-phases, neutral and protective earth wires)
Nominal voltage 100-250 VAC / 3 x 173-433 VAC (TN-S system)
Cooling Natural convection
Protection IP 20
Option IP21
Controller user interface Display and local control in front panel
Distribution and Connections Behind front panel
Colour Frame RAL 7012
Dimensions, rack mounting Height 12U (533 mm)
Width 482 mm
Depth 395 mm
Operating temperature -25°C … +60°C
Humidity max 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Altitude max Max 3km, full power up to 2km above sea level
Derating 1% per 100 m between 2-3km
Safety Rack: EN61439-1, EN61439-2
Rectifiers: EN 62368-1, EN 50124-1 rail
EMC Rack: EN61439-1, EN61439-2
EN61000-6-1 / -2 / -3 / -4 Generic
EN 50121-4 Rail, ETSI EN 300 386 (48/60V)