MJ Series

Up to 30kV Regulated High Voltage DC Power Supplies

The MJ Series of 15 watt high voltage supplies are air insulated, fast response units, with tight regulation and low arc discharge currents


  • Input: 105-125V RMS or 210-250V RMS (must be specified when ordering), 48-63Hz single phase, 0.25 amperes. 3 position terminal block with cover provided. 400Hz input available. (DC input available for quantity orders – contact factory)
  • Output: Continuous, stable adjustment, from 0 to rated voltage or current by panel mounted 10-turn potentiometer with 0.05% resolution, or by external 0 to 10V signals is provided. Voltage accuracy is 1% of setting + 0.5% of rated. Repeatability is <0.1% of rated
  • Polarity: Available with either positive or negative polarity with respect to chassis ground
  • Protection: Automatic current regulation protects the power supply against all overload conditions, including arcs and short circuits.


  • Current Regulation Unequalled in a Module of This Price Range. For example, the regulation from short circuit to rated voltage for the 15 kV, 1 mA model is ± 500 nanoamperes.
  • “Air Insulated” designs are completely serviceable; this module is not an epoxy block “throw-away.”
  • Protection: Overload, short circuit, and arc protection is provided by automatic current regulation and by careful surge limiting design.
  • AC Input: Eliminates the need, and expense of an auxiliary DC power source.
  • External Interlock Terminal

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Specifications Table

3-15 kV: 3.25 x 4.31 x 11.50 in (82.5 x 109.5 x 292.1 mm)
20-30 kV: 3.25 x 4.31 x 13.75 in (82.5 x 109.5 x 330.2 mm)
Input Voltage: 
105-125 VAC or 210-250 VAC
Harmonic Currents: 
EN61000-3-2:2006 (requires 220 VAC option)
Operating Temp: 
-20 to +60 °C
Worldwide Safety Approvals: 
EN61000-6-4:2007, Class A