Wall Mount External Maintenance Bypass Switch

Manual Bypass For UPS ratings up to 20kVA single phase and 60kVA three-phase

Available in a single configuration that allows for manual bypass operations on any single-phase UPS from 10-20 kVA and three-phase UPS from 10-60 kVA. The device is equipped with three disconnect switches for the complete isolation of the UPS in the event of maintenance or removal, whilst guaranteeing power supply continuity to the consumers.

The device is equipped with a manual bypass closure warning micro-switch to be connected to the dedicated input on the UPS in order to prevent simultaneous supply from the manual bypass and inverter.

Helios Power Solutions offers a wide range of external bypassess and static switched for UPS up to 800 kVA, and for parallel systems up to 6.4 MVA.  Please contact our engineers on sales@heliosps.co.nz.

Benefits of an external maintenance bypass switch

  • Capability for total isolation for UPS maintenance, with no disturbance to the load.
  • Greatly reduced cost and size when compared to other systems using ‘Key interlocking.’
  • Totally safe and user friendly, simple switching sequence, no risk of back-feeding UPS.
  • Use of electrical interlocking ensures ‘no-break’ transfer without complex & expensive key interlock arrangement.
  • No need for additional Maintenance switches or key exchange boxes (cost savings).
  • Standard system using top quality switchgear, which is readily available (prompt delivery)
  • Can easily be customised to incorporate larger terminals for oversized cables.
  • Can be built to include full MCB/MCCB protection or just isolation depending on site requirements.
  • Unit can also incorporate shunt trip facilities for ‘emergency power off’ (EPO) on input and by-pass switches.
  • Can be installed outside normal hours, by a competent electrician, to enable UPS to be installed during normal hours without a further shutdown.
  • Capability for ‘ two input’ systems giving greater flexibility and security for the critical load.
  • Local MCB/MCCB allow downsizing of cables locally without extra protection devices.

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