ESM-48100B1 Lithium Battery LiFePO4 100Ah 48V

Intelligent Energy Storage System

The ESM-48100B1 is a new intelligent energy storage unit developed by Huawei.The ESM is an energy storage unit composed of lithium batteries. It features better charge and discharge performance, longer service life, and less self-discharge loss than ordinary batteries.

An ESM consists of electrochemical cells, an energy storage management unit (ESMU), power and signal terminals, and mechanical parts. It can be used as an independent 48 V unit, supports the mixed use of old and new batteries as well as lithium and lead-acid batteries, and can collaborate with third-party power systems.

Main Features

  • Parallel connection for power expansion: The maximum power (P) of N ESMs connected in parallel can reach 24 kW.
  • Application in class B environments with direct ventilation: The ESM can be used in indoor environments where the ambient temperature and humidity  are not controlled or outdoor environments (with simple shielding measures such as awnings) where the humidity can reach 100%
  • Support for third-party power systems: The ESM implements lithium battery self-management so that it can be used with third-party power systems. Yeah you can use your existing charger!!!
  • Mixed use: In a Huawei power system, lead-acid batteries can be directly connected in parallel.
  • High reliability design: integrated BMS design, long service life
  • High-density design: 100 Ah with only 3 U high
  • Maintenance-free: The maintenance-free feature in the use of the ESM reduces the costs of battery O&M and the frequency of site visits.
  • Online expansion: In the maintenance mode of the ESM, the system capacity or power can be expanded without disconnecting the battery supply so that the site will not break down in case of a mains power failure during capacity expansion.
  • Long service life: The ESM service life is two to three times the life of common lead-acid batteries. The battery state of health SOH (SOH must be used together with the NetEco license) and state of charge (SOC) can be monitored online in real time. These features improve the reliability of site power backup.
  • EMC:
    – CE: EN 55032/CISPR32, Class A
    – RE: EN 55032/CISPR32, Class B


  • Status monitoring: monitors the electrochemical cell voltage and temperature as well as the ESM voltage and current.
  • Alarm management: generates alarms when overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, or under temperature occurs
  • Protection against exceptions: protects against overvoltage, undervoltage,  overcurrent, short circuits, overtemperature, under temperature, electrochemical cell faults, and hardware faults
  • Information reporting: provides a northbound CAN/RS485 port through which alarms and status data are reported
  • Balance: supports real-time electrochemical cell balancing.

Benefits of Using Intelligent Energy Storage Systems Connected to the NetEco by IoT gateway

The intelligent unit can work with the Huawei telecom power system to implement multiple intelligent features and anti-theft functions. It can also connect to the NetEco by IoT gateway to implement multiple intelligent features through cloud-lithium collaboration, helping customers maximize the value of site-based energy storage. The unit features different charging voltages adaptability, fast charging and long service life. ESM-48100B1 can be paralleled with lead-acid battery directly, which helps carriers fully reuse the legacy batteries when site expands.

  • The intelligent lithium works at optimal cost-effectiveness in various scenarios because it provides advanced cycle performance (up to 3500 cycles at 0.5C, 85% DOD, and 35°C) and an excellent battery management system (BMS).The built-in intelligent BMS of Huawei intelligent lithium can automatically detect the cell voltage and temperature as well as the battery group voltage, current, state of charge (SOC), and state of health (SOH), record alarms and logs, and implement battery charge, discharge, temperature management, and protection.
  • The intelligent lithium can be used with various types of batteries to fully utilize existing assets. These batteries automatically adapt to the voltages of different batteries. They can be used with both lead-acid and old batteries without the need for combiners, thereby not only protecting investment, but also making staged investment during network evolution possible.
  • Intelligent parallel expansion without derating in parallel
  • Intelligent peak shaving: Extra usage to simplify network evolution and save CAPEX . When collaborating with NetEco and the power system, the intelligent lithium can discharge during peak hours. This eliminates the need for mains reconstruction, reduces investment, and helps achieve fast deployment.
  • Intelligent peak staggering: Extra usage to activate battery value and save OPEX as much as possible. When collaborating with the NetEco and power system, the intelligent lithium energy storage system can be charged at low electricity price and discharged at high price to reduce electricity fees and maximizes the value of batteries. Furthermore, the NetEco system automatically calculates and displays the peak staggering revenues, enabling customers to optimize investment
  • Intelligent design: intelligent detection, SOC&SOH management, simplified O&M, and self-management (SOH must be used together with the NetEco license)
  • Intelligent collaboration: with the intelligent power system to realize intelligent features (such as intelligent peak shaving, intelligent peak staggering, intelligent voltage boosting, and intelligent hybrid use). With the intelligent management system: realize intelligent features (such as cloud peak shaving, cloud peak staggering, cloud voltage boosting, and cloud hybrid use).

Helios Power Solutions is a Huawei Value Added partner of the Digital Energy Division in New Zealand

HUAWEI power and backup lithium solutions can be sold, integrated and serviced just for projects to be installed in New Zealand and Pacific Islands.

Weight43 kg
Dimensions442 × 396 × 130 mm

Specifications Table

Product  modelESM-48100B1
Cathode materialLiFePO4
Nominal voltage48 Vdc
Nominal charging voltage56.4 Vdc
Max. charging / discharging current limited100 A @ 35ºC
Max. charging / discharging power4800 W
Cycle life3500 cycles @ 0.5C, 85% DOD, 70% EOL, 35ºC
Nominal capacity100 Ah @ 0.2C, 35ºC
WeightApprox. 43 kg
Dimension (W×D×H)442 mm×396 mm×130 mm (excluding mounting ear)
Self discharge @ 25ºCLess than 5% after 90 days storage
Communication interfaceCAN / RS485; 2 dry contacts
Max. quantity of parallel  connectionCAN: 32; RS485: 16
TerminalM6, torque 4 N∙m
Installation typeStandard 19” rack,Air conditioning system or direct ventilation cabinet
Operating conditionAir conditioner, direct ventilation in Class B environment
Protection & alarmOver temperature, overcurrent, short circuit, overcharge, overdischarge, etc.
CertificationCE, UN38.3
Design life15 years


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