AC/DC Power Supply 12V up to 100W

Power Supply for powering LED lights in the lift

  • Power to emergency LED lights in the lift.
  • Keeps a 7AH battery charged.
  • In case of AC mains failure the 7AH battery will be able to provide power to the emergency lights and emergency bell/buzzer.
  • Easy to install.
  • Can be customized to up to 100W of power.
  • Cable access via plastic grommets.
  • Can be private labelled.
  • LED status indicators

Possible markets

  •  Emergency lighting
  • Security (home and office)
  •  Card access

Specifications Table

Input Voltage85-264Vac 50Hz
· V Load:14Vdc
· V Battery:13.8
Max Load Power:25W (12V Output)
Battery Current:700mA
Back up time:2.5 hours
Recharge time:12 hours
Battery Capacity:7AH
Solid Green:Battery fully charged
Flashing Green:Battery charging
Flashing Red:Battery discharging