Uninterruptible Power Supply with Battery Backup for Computers and Peripherals

The iDialog range of SoHo* UPS is the ideal solution for protecting PCs and peripherals in the home, office and now home-office. Voltage fluctuations and power outages can be critical for the continuity of your sensitive equipment that is why having a reliable backup and protection system is important.

*SoHo: Small office/home office

iDialog is easy to install and economic to run for protecting:

  • IT equipment such as PCs, Media Centres and peripherals, TVs, Home Cinema systems, Satellite and Digital Terrestrial Receivers and DVD recorders and players;
  • xDSL modems and routers;
  • Small home
  • CCVT System at home
  • Wireless network equipment (routers, modems)
  • Gaming consoles

Silent Operation

The UPS is silent in operation (0 dBA) thanks to its use of a fan-free design and high-frequency components.

Advanced Communications

PowerShield3 software allows for the safe shutdown of connected IT systems on mains power supply failure. PowerShield3 provides efficient and intuitive UPS management using bar chart displays for important operating information.

Auto Restart

The UPS automatically restarts when the mains power supply is restored.

Eco Line

With energy savings in mind, the iDialog range features a shut-off button to reduce energy consumption during periods of prolonged inactivity.

Series Table

ModelRated PowerOutput Active PowerWeightDimensions
IDG400400VA240W3.2kg192x90x232 mm
IDG600600VA360W3.2kg192x90x232 mm
IDG800800VA480W3.4kg192x90x232 mm
IDG12001200VA720W6.6kg270x93x310 mm
IDG16001600VA960W6.9kg270x93x310 mm

Output active power is the parameter for sizing your UPS. It should be sized 20-25% higher that the total power drawn by any connected device.


AC Sockets

Back-up sockets: these sockets are only powered when the UPS is on. Should mains power fail, the back-up sockets are battery-powered. We recommend not running laser printers or laser print devices from back-up sockets together with other computer peripheral equipment. On odd occasions, this equipment uses a greater quantity of energy than when at rest. This set-up may lead to UPS overload and cause all equipment connected to be switched off.

Surge sockets (IDG1200 and IDG1600): additional filtered sockets limiting line surge and mains disturbances. They do not protect the load from power failures or short blackouts. They can be used to power non-essential devices such as, for example, printers, scanners and suchlike. Small laser printer devices can be installed on these sockets.

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