Universal Transient Barrier, Dual Pair

The UTB series is designed to provide transient protection for equipment from surges induced onto balanced pair signal lines or low-voltage AC or DC power supplies. The compact series is well suited to applications where panel space is limited, yet provides similar protection performance when compared to the UTB Modular series. They are well suited to the protection of industrial equipment such as PLCs and SCADA systems.

The UTB-DP (dual pair) employs a hybrid, multi-stage clamping circuit to help ensure the best possible protection to sensitive electronic equipment while maintaining a minimum of line interference and insertion losses.


  • Compact design universal transient barrier provides protection of low-voltage circuits and transducers
  • Separate plug and base design allows hot-swappable module replacement
  • Multi-stage protection and fine over-voltage protection helps ensure lowest residual surge voltages reach sensitive equipment
  • Common-mode and differential-mode protection protects against both possible surge conditions
  • Surge rating to 20 kA 8/20 μs is ideal for exposed wiring
  • Allows for protection of 25 analog signals or 50 digital signals per linear foot (0,3 m) of DIN rail space


ModelNominal System Voltage (Un)FrequencyVoltage Protection Level (Up), L-L
0 – 5 VDC
0.5 MHz10 V @ 3 kA
UTB15DP3 – 10 VAC
5 – 15 VDC
1.0 MHz25 V @ 3 kA
UTB30DP10 – 21 VAC
15 – 30 VDC
2.0 MHz44 V @ 3 kA
UTB60DP21 – 42 VAC
30 – 60 VDC
3.0 MHz85 V @ 3 kA
UTB110DP100 – 120 VAC
60 – 154 VDC
3.0 MHz220 V @ 3 kA


Rated Load Current (IL)800mA
Loop Resistance0.6 Ω
Max Discharge Current (Imax), L+L-PE20 kA 8/20 μs
Protection ModesCommon
TechnologyGas Discharge Tube (GDT)
Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)
Silicon Avalanche Diode (SAD)
Connection, Stranded1 – 4 mm²
Mounting35 mm top hat DIN rail
Temperature-20 to 65 °C
Enclosure MaterialUL® 94V-0 Thermoplastic
Enclosure RatingIP 20
Depth (D)85 mm
Height (H)90 mm
Width (W)12 mm
Unit Weight0.09 kg
Certification DetailsUL® 497B