The SR SmartCharger is designed to recharge your battery in the shortest practicable time with programmable parameters to suit your specific application. Smartsharger 100W.

Helios Power Solutions Smart Battery Chargers or also known as Boost Chargers, are able to respond to the condition of a battery, modifying their charging actions accordingly. Our Smart Chargers are microprocessor controlled and allow for the maximum charge into your batteries to minimize the charge time. Boost mode allows for a high current, high voltage charging cycle, also allowing for the maximum charge into the battery in the shortest possible time. Float mode allows for the battery to be held at optimal voltage with a small trickle charge still being generated, to ensure that the battery is ready to when used.
Other features of our Smart Chargers include:
  • Designed to charge both sealed and flooded lead-acid battery types
  • Come with temperature compensation to ensure that the correct voltage is applied to the battery, irrelevant of the ambient temperature
  • Provide fully automatic battery recovery in the shortest possible time
  • Includes with both ‘boost’ and ‘float’ mode

A simple charger works by supplying a constant DC source to a battery being charged. The simple charger does not alter its output based on time or battery charge. This simplicity means that simple chargers are very cheap, although there is a trade-off in quality. A trickle charger is typically a low current battery charger, used to charge small capacity batteries.



Model Output Voltage¹ (float) Output Voltage¹ (max boost) Output Current (continuous) Min – Max Battery Size2
SR100B12 13.8 14.7 6.7A 24  – 70 Ah
SR100B24 27.6 29.4 3.3A 12 –  40 Ah
SR100B36 41.4 44.1 2.2A 9 – 25 Ah
SR100B48 55.2 58.8 1.7A 6 – 20 Ah
¹ May be adjusted to suit battery specifications
²  Check manufacturer’s recommendations


Input STANDARD: 180V – 264VAC
Frecuency 45-65Hz
Fusing Internal AC input fuse
Isolation 1KV DC input – output / earth
Efficiency > 85%
Inrush current <30A, 1.8ms
Output power 100W
Output voltages Refer to the model table
Voltage adj. range Approx 95 – 105% of V nominal
Temp. Compensation Temperature sensor on 1.7m lead with
adhesive pad:  -4mV / °C / cell ±10%
Current Limit Straight line current limit profile (output side)
Output Protection Automatic shutdown if battery leads reversed
or short circuit on output
Line regulation <0.04% over input range
Load regulation <0.5% open circuit to 100% load
Noise <0.3%
Transient response 200mV over / undershoot,
load step 20-100%, 400us settling time
Hold-up time 15 – 20 ms (nom. – max. Vin) without  battery
LED Indication BOOST:  Red
FLOAT:  Green
Factory Programmable parameters (default settings shown in brackets; please note that some parameters are interdependent of each other) Start up in boost mode (Boost)
Current terminated boost  (Yes)
Current initiated boost  (Yes)
Start in boost on mains return (Yes)
Pre-boost state timer (1 minute)
Max boost charge time (24 hours)
Pre-float state timer (1 minute)
Resume prior state upon mains return timer (10 minutes)
Resume on boost charge upon mains return  (24 hours)
Delay before mains fail recognition (5 mins)
Operating temperature Standard: 0  to 50 °C ambient at full load ,De-rate linearly >50 °C to no load @ 70 °C
Storage temperature  -10 to 85 °C ambient
Humidity 0 – 95% relative humidity non-condensing
Cooling Natural convenction