Intellicharge Series |  3-Stage Battery Charger

12V, 24V and 48V DC Models , 180W or 360W

The IntelliCharge Series is a high efficiency, power factor corrected DC power supply and battery charger that allows the battery charge to be regulated independently from the DC outputs, meaning that the battery will always receive the optimal charging current without the load being affected. Available with optional OLED high-resolution display and 1RU 19 inch rack mounting kit. Temperature-compensated charging is supported with the optional battery temp sensor.

  • Operates as a DC UPS, providing uninterrupted DC power to critical loads, even when AC mains fail
  • Wide-ranging power factor corrected AC input helps reduce energy costs and works anywhere in the world
  • Intelligent three-stage charging recharges battery quickly and maintains it in optimal condition
  • 12, 24 and 48 volt DC models with 180 or 360 watts of power output
  • Independent battery backup charging terminals with internal Low Voltage Disconnect
  • User-selectable battery type sets charge cycle transitions for use with standard Flooded, AGM and Gel lead-acid batteries
  • User-definable bulk charge current setting
  • Form C alarm contacts provide remote signal of fault conditions
  • Temperature-compensated charging with optional battery temperature sensor
  • Compact design allows for mounting one or two units in an optional 1RU rack kit
  • Optional high-resolution OLED display provides real-time information on current, voltage and charge status

High Reliability

  • Designed around the highest quality components available
  • Two-year warranty
  • Form C contacts provide remote alarm monitoring


Remote Battery Temperature Sensor: 2 wire remote temperature sensor with 10 ft (3m) cable and mounting clip. Will enable charge voltage thresholds to be automatically compensated according to the measured battery case temperature.

Digital Meter Optional: OLED digital display provides voltage, current and charging status. Must be specified at time of ordering.

Wall Mount Bracket: Formed rails with holes for mounting unit to shelf or wall. Attaches to sides of unit with included fasteners.

DIN Rail Mounting Accessory Available

19” Rack Mount Kit: Allows one or two IntelliCharge power supplies to be mounted in a 1RU 19” rack.



Description12VDC Output  24VDC Output48VDC Output
IntelliCharge Series Power Supply/Battery Charger, 180 Watts Output PowerICT24012A-15BC2ICT24024A-7BC2NA
IntelliCharge Series Power Supply/Battery Charger, 180 Watts, Digital MeterICT24012A-15BC2M ICT24024A-7BC2MNA
IntelliCharge Series Power Supply/Battery Charger, 360 Watts Output PowerICT24012A-30BC2ICT24024A-15BC2ICT24048A-7BC2
IntelliCharge Series Power Supply/Battery Charger, 360 Watts, Digital MeterICT24012A-30BC2M  ICT24024A-15BC2M  ICT24048A-7BC2M
Remote Battery Temperature SensorICT-TMPICT-TMPICT-TMP
19 “ Rack Mount Kit (holds 1 or 2 IntelliCharge units)ICT-RMK5ICT-RMK5ICT-RMK5


Continuous Output Current – 12V12A, 30A
Continuous Output Current – 24V6A, 15A
Continuous Output Current – 48V7.5A
Efficiency (typical) – 12V0.9
Efficiency (typical) – 24V0.91
Efficiency (typical) – 48V0.93
Default Output Float Voltage – 12V (a)13.65VDC
Default Output Float Voltage – 24V27.3VDC
Default Output Float Voltage – 48V54.6VDC
Input Voltage Range100-265VAC
Frequency Range50/60Hz
Power Factor (typical)0.99
Output Ripple – all models< 50mV RMS
LVD Disconnect Voltage – 12V11.0VDC
LVD Disconnect Voltage – 24V22.0VDC
LVD Disconnect Voltage – 48V44.0VDC
LVD Reconnect Voltage – 12V12.5VDC
LVD Reconnect Voltage – 24V25.0VDC
LVD Reconnect Voltage – 48V50.0VDC
(a) Factory default set for AGM. User adjustable for flooded or gel.

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