Modular Power Series

1U Redundant Hot Swap Modular Power System For 24V & 48VDC

The ICT Modular Power Series system provides flexible, managed DC power for a broad range of communications and broadband applications. The foundation is the power shelf and 700W or 1500W high-efficiency power modules. A number of optional factory-installed modules can be selected to provide TCP/IP monitoring and control, advanced battery management features, battery breakers, low voltage disconnects, and four-position breaker-protected power distribution including load current monitoring and remote power cycling over Ethernet.


  • Configurable DC power system provides flexibility and scalability to meet application requirements
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by reducing site visits and maintenance costs due to remote monitoring and control functionality
  • Improve the quality of service and uptime of your network by quickly resolving power issues remotely
  • User-scheduled battery testing proactively alerts users when a connected backup battery is not holding charge
  • Real-time reporting on battery state of charge, battery run-time remaining, and battery voltage levels
  • Remotely monitor and toggle power to individually connected load devices utilizing load distribution module
  • All connection points are external, allowing for quick and easy installation
  • No additional software required as monitoring and control is provided via an onboard web-baser server

Intelligent Control Module

TCP/IP Controller for ICT Modular Power Series

The ICT Intelligent Control Module is a factory-installed option for the ICT Modular Power Series that provides TCP/IP monitoring and control of the system. When used with the optional Battery Management Module, it provides advanced battery reporting and management features, including estimated state of charge and run time remaining, battery discharge testing, and low voltage disconnect control and reporting. When used with the optional Load Distribution Module, it provides reporting of individual load current levels, remote power cycling of connected loads, automatic load shedding, and network watchdog (ping) features.

  • Complete local and remote monitoring and control of up to eight Modular Power System components
  • TCP/IP with an embedded web browser for instant set up and ease of use
  • SNMP for network management integration
  • Advanced battery management and load distribution features when combined with optional Battery Management and Load Distribution Modules
  • Environmental alarm sensor inputs allow site monitoring and remote alarm reporting without the need for a separate site monitoring system
  • Password protection
ICM (Intelligent Control Module) Datasheet

Load Distribution Module

  • TCP/IP remote management and power control of individual outputs (with Intelligent Control Module installed)
  • Four fully managed load outputs can be power cycled individually
  • Monitoring and alarm reporting of each output for pinpointing of issues with connected loads
  • Adjustable alarm and load-shed settings for each output

Battery Management Module

  • Single or dual 100 amp battery disconnect circuit breakers
  • Integrated 150 amp low voltage disconnect
  • Advanced battery management features (with Intelligent Control Module installed) including temperature compensated charging, display of battery voltage, status, battery current, state of charge, run time remaining; adjust LVD settings; configure advanced battery management features such as boost charge parameters, max charge current, battery capacity, battery test timer, and battery discharge test cut-off voltage


Nominal system voltage120/240VAC
Input voltage range100-300VAC
Power factor (typical)0.99
Power output per module700W
Output current per Power Module12.5A-48VDC , 25A-24VDC
Max. system output current with 4 Power Modules (120/240VAC)50A-48VDC , 100A-24VDC
Efficiency (typical)93%-48VDC , 91%-24VDC,
Output ripple (rms)60mV-48VDC , 30mV-24VDC,
AC input connectorTerminal Block, #8 – #16 AWG
DC output connectorBusbars with 5/16” bolts
Remote alarm connectorsTerminal Block (#16 -24 AWG)
Mounting1RU, 19 in rack mount
Weight (Power Shelf empty)8.1lbs / 3.7 kg
Weight (Power Shelf + 4 modules)18.5 lbs / 8.4 kg
Dimensions – H X W X L 1.74 x 19.0 x 15.7 in. / 44 x 483 x 398 mm
Operating temperature range -30º to +60ºC
Output derating2% / ºC (above 50º C)
Storage temperature -45º to +85ºC

Software Demonstration

Software Demonstration


Intelligent DC Power Supplies for Radio Access Networks

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