Isolated DC/DC Converter 70W – 150W

IEXT & IEHR series have been manufactured by Helios Power Solutions over the last 35 years and it is considered one of the most reliable DC-DC Converters in the market. Our converters have a wide input range from 12V to 110V and output voltage range from 4.5V to 55.2V.

The IEXT Series has a constant output current limit and is suitable for battery charging. Please specify output voltage on ordering. Whether you require a custom DC output or conformal coating for harsh environments, please contact our team of engineers at

Main Features

  • Isolated input-output – chassis
  • Designed for industrial use
  • High reliability
  • Output over-voltage protection (IEXT)
  • Constant current limit for charging (IEXT)
  • Input transient/surge suppression
  • Short circuit protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • External trim pot for output voltage adjustment
  • Output decoupling diode and dc fail alarm standard
  • Optional conformal coating
  • Optional DC Fail alarm

Output Protection

IEXT(70W): Overload: constant current limit Severe overload: shuts down when output < 5V, power off to reset. IEXT Series is suitable for battery charging.
IEHR(150W): Hiccup mode current limit

Electrical & Mechanical Options

  • Rack Mount: Converter fitted into 19″ x 2U subrack.
CSB261150W 110VDC/12VDC Redundant DC/DC Converter

N 1 Redundancy Rack Mount IEXT DC-DC Converter with front removable power modules

  • DIN Rail Mount: Using DIN rail clips.
  • Fork Hoist Use FORKHOIST, models below have been designed for Forklift applications.

Special DC-DC Converters for Forkhoist – Forklift Applications

At Helios Power Solutions we have developed a special range of DC-DC Converters which have in-built input surge protection.

Model CodeBase ModelSpecial Features
IEXT/24-12GIEXT/MV-12Input 20 -30Vdc, output 13.8V for forkhoist use
IEXT/48-12GIEXT/MV-12Input 40 -60Vdc, output 13.8V for forkhoist use
IEXT/110-12GIEXT/HV-12Input 66-130Vdc, output 13.8V for forkhoist use
IEXT/48-16GIEXT/MV-16Input 40 -60Vdc, output 16V for forkhoist use
IEXT/48-24GIEXT/MV-24Input 40 -60Vdc, output 24V for forkhoist use
  • Undervoltage Lockout: Available on IEXT/LV models, Lockout at 10.2V. auto reset at 12.4V, add suffix -UV
  • Use with laptops: Some laptops require a “Sense” the diode is replaced with a resistor and the D terminal becomes the “Sense” terminal


Models1Input Voltage RangeOutput Voltage*4AmpsPower W
IEXT/MV-08*321 – 6086.570
IEXT/MV-12P21 – 6013.8570
IEXT/MV-18P21 – 60183.870
IEXT/MV-24P21 – 6024370
IEXT/MV-48P21 – 60481.570
IEXT/HV-12P60 – 13213.8570
IEXT/HV-24P60 – 13224370
IEXT/HV-48P60 – 132481.570
IEHR/HV-12P60 – 13213.811.2150
IEHR/HV-24P60 – 132246.2150
IEHR/HV-36P60 – 132364.2150
IEHR/HV-48P60 – 132483.2150

1Model codes without the -P suffix do not have diode and alarm relay fitted.
2 No overvoltage protection.
3 No input rectifier bridge,or output diode.IEXT/MV-08/01 has input range of 21-36V, & extra low noise model.
4 Refer to terminal connections below. Output voltage is set at +D output except for 12V models where the ‘+’ output is set to 13.8V  19V output models available for laptops (incl. sense terminal).


Operating input voltage range12, 24, 36, 48V
Output PowerIEXT: 70W continuous
IEHR: 150W continuous
Output VoltageRefer to model table
Output CurrentRefer to model table
EfficiencyLV: 72-80%, MV/24/48: 80-87%, HV: 85-87%
Operating Temp:0 to 40°C; linearly derate to 50% output at
Isolation1KV DC input – output – chassis
Line Regulation< 0.5% over input range
Load Regulation< 0.7% open circuit to full load
Alarm contactsChangeover, 1A 30VDC

Customised Models

Model code Base Model Special Features

  • CHR101 IEHR/24-19P 47k ohm resistor fitted between “+” terminal and “+SENSE” terminal, for laptops
  • IEXT/24-12G IEXT/MV-12 Input 20 -30Vdc, output 13.8V for forkhoist – forklift use
  • IEXT/110-12G 80VDC Input, 13.8VDC Output for forkhoist – forklift use

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