The MSII Parallel On-Line UPS, is the perfect solution for mission critical users who demand high reliability, availability and performance for critical electronic equipment and computer loads.It features double conversion True Online Technology, field-proven full Digital Signal Processer (DSP) and utilises our uniquely patented inverter control technology. The MSII Parallel On-Line UPS is a scalable system which achieves N +1 redundancy without any additional parts.

Full Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Control

Provides both pure sine waves at the output and perfect sine waves to the input current to ensure compatibility with all kinds of loads, full DSF technology also allow:

  • Programmable Frequency Converter

Reprogram the UPS to be a Frequency Converter for either 50Hz or 60Hz through front keypad configuration.

  • Easy-to-Set User Personalization

Through the LCD front panel, you can easily change the built-in parameters and settings of the DSP controllers, such as UPS operation modes voltage configurations, synchronization frequency windows, bypass voltage tolerance and buzzer alarm status.

  • Intelligent Self-Diagnostics

Through the self-diagnostics inside the DSP, system faults can be pin-pointed rapidly which results in faster repair times easier servicing. Simply access the service mode and check each device step by step, through the results displayed on the LCD display.

  • Smart Fan Central

The speeds of the internally mounted cooling fans are controlled according to load percentage to reduce noise levels and energy consumption.



Operating input voltage range:160 – 280 VAC160 – 280 VAC (1P/1P)160 – 280 VAC (1P/1P)277 – 485 VAC (3P/1P)277 – 485 VAC (3P/1P)
Output Power:6000VA/5400W8000VA/7200W10000VA/9000W10000VA/9000W10000VA/9000W
Audible and VisualLine Failure, Battery Low, Transfer to Bypass, System Fault Condition
Operating Temperature00C – 400C00C – 400C00C – 400C00C – 400C00C – 400C
Dimensions:290 x 645 x 748 mm290 x 645 x 748 mm290 x 645 x 748 mm290 x 645 x 748 mm290 x 645 x 748 mm
Weight:86 kgs87 kgs96 kgs60 kgs60 kgs
with Transformer Option:139 kgs140 kgs149 kgs130 kgs130 kgs


ModelInput VoltagePower
MSII 6kVA160 – 280 VAC6000VA/5400W
MSII 8kVA160 – 280 VAC (1P/1P)
277 – 485 VAC (3P/1P)
MSII 10kVA160 – 280 VAC (1P/1P)
277 – 485 VAC (3P/1P)
MSII 15kVA277 – 485 VAC (3P/1P)10000VA/9000W
MSII 20kVA277 – 485 VAC (3P/1P)20000VA/18000W