MBJYG Grounding & Bonding Braid

Tinned Copper with Halogen-Free & Flame retardant Yellow Green Insulation

Grounding Braid with Lugs/Eyelets

MBJYG Grounding and Bonding Braids are a reliable and convenient ground solution for applications that require flexibility and durability. Designed with halogen-free and flame retardant yellow-green insulation, MBJYG braids are made with tinned copper ground braids and solid palms that are ready to install without any additional cutting, stripping, crimping or punching. MBJYG braids also do not require the addition of tin or crimped lugs and the proprietary manufacturing process helps optimize the electrical contact between each wire and helps eliminate moisture issues in the palms, helping prevent corrosion and extend the useful life of the braid.


  • Complete range of earth/ground flexible connections from 6 – 25 mm² (11.84 – 49.33 kcmil) cross-section and from 100 – 300 mm (3.937″ – 11.811″) length
  • Integral palm, without tin or crimped lugs for superior electrical contact and tensile strength resistance
  • Resistant to vibration and fatigue, reducing maintenance
  • Provides weight savings, material savings and lower impedance when compared to similar lugged cables with insulation
  • Ready to use out of the box, eliminates the need for cutting, stripping, crimping and punching
  • Halogen-free and flame-retardant yellow-green insulation
  • RoHS compliant
  • Recommended by the EMC/EMI directives and less impedance than cables

Certifications & Approvals

  • Halogen-free and Flame retardant yellow-green insulation
  • UL 467 listed and IEC 61439-1 certified, RoHS
Insulated Grounding and Bonding Yellow and Blue Braids Straps

Series Table

Part NumberArticle NumberAmpacityThicknessTCross SectionLengthLHole SizeHSABUnit Weight
MBJYG6-100-656360140 A1.1 mm6 mm²100 mm6.5 mm11 mm18 mm0.012 kg
MBJYG6-150-656360240 A1.1 mm6 mm²150 mm6.5 mm11 mm18 mm0.017 kg
MBJYG6-200-656360340 A1.1 mm6 mm²200 mm6.5 mm11 mm18 mm0.023 kg
MBJYG6-250-656360440 A1.1 mm6 mm²250 mm6.5 mm11 mm18 mm0.028 kg
MBJYG6-300-656360540 A1.1 mm6 mm²300 mm6.5 mm11 mm18 mm0.033 kg
MBJYG10-100-656360675 A1.1 mm10 mm²100 mm6.5 mm11 mm18 mm0.012 kg
MBJYG10-150-656360775 A1.1 mm10 mm²150 mm6.5 mm11 mm18 mm0.017 kg
MBJYG10-200-656360875 A1.1 mm10 mm²200 mm6.5 mm11 mm18 mm0.023 kg
MBJYG10-250-656360975 A1.1 mm10 mm²250 mm6.5 mm11 mm18 mm0.028 kg
MBJYG10-300-656361175 A1.1 mm10 mm²300 mm6.5 mm11 mm18 mm0.033 kg
MBJYG16-100-8563612120 A1.5 mm16 mm²100 mm8.5 mm15 mm20 mm0.020 kg
MBJYG16-150-8563613120 A1.5 mm16 mm²150 mm8.5 mm15 mm20 mm0.028 kg
MBJYG16-200-8563614120 A1.5 mm16 mm²200 mm8.5 mm15 mm20 mm0.036 kg
MBJYG16-250-8563615120 A1.5 mm16 mm²250 mm8.5 mm15 mm20 mm0.044 kg
MBJYG16-300-8563616120 A1.5 mm16 mm²300 mm8.5 mm15 mm20 mm0.052 kg
MBJYG25-100-8563617150 A1.5 mm25 mm²100 mm8.5 mm22 mm28 mm0.030 kg
MBJYG25-150-8563618150 A1.5 mm25 mm²150 mm8.5 mm22 mm28 mm0.044 kg
MBJYG25-200-8563619150 A1.5 mm25 mm²200 mm8.5 mm22 mm28 mm0.056 kg
MBJYG25-250-8563621150 A1.5 mm25 mm²250 mm8.5 mm22 mm28 mm0.069 kg
MBJYG25-300-8563622150 A1.5 mm25 mm²300 mm8.5 mm22 mm28 mm0.082 kg

Specifications Table

MaterialCopper; Polyolefin
Dielectric Strength15 kV/mm
Flammability RatingUL ®  224 VW-1
Halogen Free RatingEN 14582
Nominal VoltageUL/CSA/IEC: 600 V
Working Temperature-55 to 125 °C
Complies With: IECIEC® 60439.1; IEC® 61439.1
Certifications:CE; cULus; RoHS

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