GFM series VRLA battery is the latest product developed by Shuangdeng through latest modern technologies. The product conforms to Standard YD/T799-2010 of the Ministry of National Information Industry, Japan JISC8704-2:1999 standard as well as IEC60896-2,2004 standard. Its performance parameters have reached domestic leading level and it enjoys good reputation in China. This product can be broadly utilized as backup power supply for communication and signal systems such as telecommunication, China Mobile, China Unicom, railway and vessels etc., as the energy storage system of solar and wind power generation, and as the backup power supply of UPS and emergency illumination.

Capacity recovery performance (short circuit performance ): Discharge to 0V at 0.1C 10 A, short circuit for 24h, charge for 10h with 2.35V/unit constant voltage and limited current 0.15C 10 (A), and then charge for 24h with 2.25V/unit constant voltage and limited current 0.15C 10 (A), check C 10 capacity, after continuous 5 times, the rest capacity shall not be less than 90% of the initial capacity.



ModelDatasheetRated Voltage ( V)Rated Capacity(Ah)  C10 Vt=1.80 V/unitRated Capacity(Ah)   C3  Vt=1.80 V/unit
GFM-200 GFM-200 Datasheet2200150
GFM-300 GFM-300 Datasheet2300220
GFM-400 GFM-400 Datasheet2400300
GFM-500 GFM-500 Datasheet2500375
GFM-600 GFM-600 Datasheet2600450
GFM-800 GFM-800 Datasheet2800600
GFM-1000 GFM-1000 Datasheet21000750
GFM-1600 GFM-1600 Datasheet216001200
GFM-2000 GFM-2000 Datasheet220001500
GFM-3000 GFM-3000 Datasheet230002250


Normal Voltage2V
Recommended Operating Temperature15℃~25℃
Design Life @25ºC10 Years
Charging Voltage ‘@25℃(77℉)float charge voltage:2.25V/cell at 25℃(77℉);boost charge voltage:2.35V/cell at 25℃(77℉)