First Multidirectional Power Inverter

Sierra 3kVA 48Vdc – 230Vac

Sierra is the first building block available in the new range. This new power converter has three ports, all offering bidirectionality. The module can provide 3 kVA / 2.4 kW on any port or aggregate power to multiple ports at the same time. This Sierra version is designed for 48 Vdc and 230 Vac voltage levels.
The Sierra module comes with a communication port, a power boost and Inview, our new intelligent controller. Beyond being IoT ready, this outstanding human machine interface integrates a Battery Management System that can manage various chemistries. Systems can be designed for single or three-phases infrastructures providing power from 2.4 to 75 kW in AC and/or DC.


Monitor Unit – INVIEW S

Inview S GUI Interface is a standard controller for ECI technology based bi-directional products. It is a powerful web-based touch screen graphical display, it allows user to easily access, monitor the system and protected with PIN code.In addition to the touch screen a web interface is accessible via ETH port.

  •  Measures: AC IN, AC OUT, DC, Module Information
  • 3 LED’s ( OK – Green, Minor Alarm – Orange, Major Alarm – Minor)
  • 2 outgoing alarm contacts (1 – Minor and 1 – Major)
  • 2 Digital Inputs
  • 2.8’’ touch screen
  • Web browser with laptop (ETH, SNMP, MQTT, Modbus, CAN,….)
Inview S User Manual

Operating Modes

From The Grid

AC in feeds both <<AC loads>> and <<DC loads + battery>>

From  Batteries

AC in feeds both <<AC loads>> and/0r  <<DC loads + battery>>

Batteries AC loads and grid injections - Sierra biredirectionalFrom AC Loads

AC in feeds both <<AC loads>> and/0r  <<DC loads + battery>>

AC loads power by batteries

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