EV Series

750V to 1500V Regulated High Voltage DC Power Supplies

The EV family of power supplies are sophisticated, 3 kW, power supplies with low ripple and noise. They are air insulated, fast response units, with tight regulation.


Specifications apply from 5% to 100% rated voltage. Operation is guaranteed down to zero voltage with a slight degradation of performance.

  • Input:98-264 VAC continuous, single-phase, 48-63Hz. The RMS input current at rated power is less than 20 A @ 198 VRMS input.
  • Efficiency:85% typical at full load.
  • Output: Continuous, stable adjustment, from 0 to rated voltage or current by panel mounted optical rotary encoder or by external, user selectable, 0 to +5V or 0 to +10V signals. Voltage accuracy is 0.5% of setting + 0.2% of rated. Current accuracy is 0.5% of setting + 0.2% of rated. Voltage and Current programming ranges are selected by switches that are accessible from the rear panel. Optical rotary encoder resolution: 1V and 1mA with “Fine Adjustment” mode selected. 10 V and 10 mA with “Coarse Adjustment” mode (default).
  • Polarity: Output is floating and either (DC+) or (DC -) can be connected to chassis ground for reversible polarity.  The sum of the output voltage and the float voltage should not exceed 1500 VDC.


  • Floating Output:Either output terminal may be grounded for operation as a positive or negative supply.
  • Embedded Microcontroller Control: Front panel digital encoders provide  high resolution local adjustment of volt- age and current program. Integral RS- 232, RS-485, USB and optional Ethernet communications provide remote control program and monitor with 12 bit accuracy
  • Cooling: Forced air with high-speed frictionless bearing technology fans. This reduces noise and extends fan life.
  • Low Ripple: Ripple is less than 0.1% RMS of rated voltage at full load up to 1 MHz. Total ripple and noise is less 0.4% p-p of rated voltage up to 20 MHz.

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Specifications Table

3.47 x 19.00 x 20.00 in (88.1 x 482.6 x 508.0 mm)
Input Voltage: 
198-264 VAC
Up to 85%
Operating Temp: 
-20 to +40 °C
Worldwide Safety Approvals: 
EN61000-6-4:2007, Class A