ERICO System 3000

Lightning Protection System

The System 3000 can be used wherever there is the possibility of direct lightning strikes that may affect valuable equipment and/or facilities. This includes railroads, communications towers, television stations, oil/gas platforms, high rise buildings, schools, hospitals, factories, and explosive/volatile fuels storage areas.

DESIGN SUPPORT: ERICO application engineers will design your lightning protection system to optimize protection against harmful strikes. Our LPSD
software utilizes the CVM to ensure that your ERICO DYNASPHERES have proper to placement for your facility. The placement and application of the ERICO SYSTEM 3000 is critical to ensure optimal protection is provided.Pentair’s unique computer aided design program enables easier, reliable application of the ERICO SYSTEM 3000, taking into account individual site parameters and the variables required to complete an optimal design using the CVM.

CVM accounts for much more than the Rolling Sphere Method (RSM). The RSM is based on the Electro Geometric Model for striking distance. CVM considers the height as well as the geometry of the objects on the structure.The Collection Volume Method defines the lightning “capture volume” of potential strike points on a structure. This method is used in conjunction with the ERICO SYSTEM 3000 lightning protection system but is equally applicable for the placement of conventional terminals.