Enersine Pro 80A Modular APF – Active Power Filter

The New Generation Of Modular Active Filters For Harmonics & Reactive Current Compensation

EnersineTM APF measures and monitors the entire load current through external auxiliary coupling current transformers (CT) mounted on the AC line, removes the fundamental frequency component and injects opposite phase harmonic current to cancel harmonic current in the electrical distribution system. By cancelling the harmonic currents in the circuit, there will be:

Powerful Performance 

  • Eliminates harmonics current from 2nd to 51st order
  • Close/Open Loop Selectable Control
  • Ultra-fast response to load changes within microseconds
  • Load balancing between phases and unload neutral wire
  • Programmable Harmonics Compensation and Power Factor Correction

Expandable Capabilities

  • Space-saving high power density design
  • Different rated current filter system can be wired in Parallel with common coupling CT

Typical Application

  • Data centres, semiconductor and electronics manufacturers.
  • Chemical  Industry, Oil & Gas, Steel Plants.
  • Water Treatment plants, Automotive industry.


Technical Specification
Maximum Compensating Current Per Phase 80ARMS per power module
Maximum Neutral Compensating Current 3 times of Phase Current (400V version only)
Maximum Scalable Current Per System 1,920ARMS (24nos. x 80ARMS power module); Different system rating can operate in parallel
Voltage Tolerance 400V/480V +15% / -20% (Other Voltages available with transformer)
Nominal Frequency 50/60Hz ± 5% (Auto Sensing)
Power Factor Correction (Reactive Current) Power factor correction is programmable from 0.6 lagging to 0.6 leading
Load Balancing Both phase to phase and phase to neutral
CT Ratio Programmable Primary Current: 100A~10000A Programmable Secondary Current: 1A/5A
CT Location Source Side: Close Loop Control or Load Side: Open Loop Control
Response Time Harmonic Compensation <1ms, Reactive Current Injection <20ms
Maximum Heat losses ≤5% at full capacity
Compensation Ratio 10:1 typical
Power Electronics 3-Level IGBT Technology
Cooling Forced air cooling with speed-controlled fans
Noise Level <65 dBA
Interfaces Ethernet (TCP/IP), RS-485 (Modbus RTU Protocol), USB, 3x Output Dry Contact and 1x Input Dry Contact, 1x EPO
EMC Class Compliance EN 55011, EN 61000-6, EN 61000-3, EN 61000-4
Safety Standard Complies to EN 50178
Frame Dimension (WxDxH) Maxi Frame : 600 x 900 x 1950 mm, Midi Frame : 600 x 900 x 1500 mm
Protection Index IP21 (Modules & Frame), other IP options available on demand