EME05 Series

AC/DC Power Supplies 5W

The EME05 is a series of open frame and encapsulated AC-DC single output power supplies designed for medical applications. The series provides two mechanical options including open frame and encapsulated PCB mount. With approvals to world-wide medical safety standards, compliance with class B for both conducted and radiated emissions and a 130%, 30s peak load capability, these class II isolation parts benefit system designers with easy integration into the latest healthcare products and applications.

Series Table

Model Number (2)Output PowerOutput VoltageOutput Current
Output Current
Peak (1)
EME05US 035 W3.3 VDC1510 mA1960 mA
EME05US 055 W5.0 VDC1000 mA1300 mA
EME05US 095 W9.0 VDC555 mA722 mA
EME05US 125 W12.0 VDC416 mA541 mA
EME05US 155 W15.0 VDC333 mA433 mA
EME05US 245 W24.0 VDC208 mA270 mA
EME05US 365 W36.0 VDC138 mA180 mA
EME05US 485 W48.0 VDC104 mA135 mA