Ducati 1000-RL – Real-Time Automatic Power Factor Correction

Automatic Power Factor Correction With Detuning Reactors

  • Harmonic filter rectors with tuning frequency 189 Hz (p=7%) p= Relative impedance
  • External steel structure painted with epoxy powder color RAL 7035, with modular chassis style internal structure
  • Omni pole disconnecting switch, with door lock, and rated current 1.45 In according to the CEI EN standard
  • Static Switching Module SCR, suitable for controlling capacitive loads, inserted outside the delta connection formed by the single-phase capacitive elements


General Characteristics
Rated voltage  400 V
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Insulating voltage 690 V
Ventilation Forced
Usage Indoor
Protection degree IP 30
Duty Continuous
Temperature range  -5 +40 °C
Power supply 3F + PE
Cable entry Top
Internal connection  N07VK
Discharge devices On each capacitor according to EN 60831 standard
Fuse NH-00 GL
Standards EN 61000-4-2
EN 50081-2
EN 50082-2
IEC 61921-1/2