DIN Rail Power Terminal Block

nVent ERIFLEX Power Blocks are the main DIN mounted output/input devices for connection between primary and secondary switchboard, or main input/output connection for machine or industrial equipment (such as invertor, air conditioning machines, etc.). The high short circuit rated large cross-section blocks offer time savings and reliability in every panel configuration. The complete Power Blocks range offers multiple connection types with up to four cables, nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Advanced, or IBS/IBSB Advanced power braids.


  • Can be connected with round cross-section cable or flat connection system like nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Advanced or IBS/IBSB Advanced Insulated Braided Conductor
  • Compact power block with high short circuit current rating
  • Tinned copper or aluminium block allows for copper or aluminium conductor direct connections, or using ferrule
  • Screw retaining cover is hinged and removable
  • The design allows for visual inspection of conductor and confirmation of connection
  • Modular snap-together blocks for building multi-pole power blocks
  • Easily clips onto DIN rail or mounts to panel with screws
  • Voltage detection and measurement connection
  • 95% fill ratio
  • RoHS compliant
  • Halogen-free plastic housing excluding the blue protection cover
  • Conforms to EN 45545 obtaining an HL3 classification for chapter R23 and HL2 classification for chapter R22


Series Table - Aluminium Power Blocks

Part NumberArticle NumberTypeTypical Application Current Rating, IECMaterialLine Side Max Conductor Size, IECLoad Side Max Conductor Size, IECShort Term Withstand Current (Icw) 1s
SB80AL561160Cable-Cable100 AAluminum, Thermoplastic16 mm²16 mm²3.0 kA
SB125AL561161Cable-Cable180 AAluminum, Thermoplastic35 mm²35 mm²6.0 kA
SB160AL561162Cable-Cable230 AAluminum, Thermoplastic70 mm²70 mm²14.4 kA
SB250AL561163Cable-Cable400 AAluminum, Thermoplastic120 mm²120 mm²14.4 kA
SB400AL561164Cable-Cable500 AAluminum, Thermoplastic240 mm²240 mm²28.8 kA
SB630AL561168Cable-Cable630 AAluminum, Thermoplastic500 mm²500 mm²60.0 kA
SB2C400AL561166Cable-2 Cables400 AAluminum, Thermoplastic240 mm²(2) 120 mm²28.8 kA
SB2C1000AL561174Cable-2 Cables1,000 AAluminum, Thermoplastic500 mm²(2) 300 mm²72.0 kA
SB2C2C1000AL5611752 Cables-2 Cables1,000 AAluminum, Thermoplastic(2) 300 mm²(2) 300 mm²72.0 kA
SBF400AL561165Flexibar-Cable400 AAluminum, Thermoplastic100 mm²240 mm²28.8 kA
SBF630AL561169Flexibar-Cable630 AAluminum, Thermoplastic240 mm²500 mm²60.0 kA
SBF2C400AL561167Flexibar-2 Cables400 AAluminum, Thermoplastic100 mm²(2) 120 mm²28.8 kA
SBF2C630AL561173Flexibar-2 Cables800 AAluminum, Thermoplastic240 mm²240 mm²60.0 kA
SBF3C1000AL561176Flexibar-3 Cables1,000 AAluminum, Thermoplastic500 mm²(3) 300 mm²72.0 kA
SBF4C1600AL561177Flexibar-4 Cables1,600 AAluminum, Thermoplastic800 mm²(4) 300 mm²96.0 kA

Series Table - Copper Power Blocks

Part NumberArticle NumberTypeTypical Application Current Rating, IECMaterialLine Side Max Conductor Size, IECLoad Side Max Conductor Size, IECShort Term Withstand Current (Icw) 1s
SB125561158Cable-Cable170 ACopper, Thermoplastic35 mm²35 mm²6.0 kA
SB160561151Cable-Cable250 ACopper, Thermoplastic70 mm²70 mm²14.4 kA
SB250561159Cable-Cable400 ACopper, Thermoplastic120 mm²120 mm²14.4 kA
SB400561152Cable-Cable500 ACopper, Thermoplastic240 mm²240 mm²28.8 kA
SB630561156Cable-Cable630 ACopper, Thermoplastic500 mm²500 mm²60.0 kA
SB2C250561170Cable-2 Cables400 ACopper, Thermoplastic120 mm²(2) 120 mm²14.4 kA
SB2C400561154Cable-2 Cables400 ACopper, Thermoplastic240 mm²(2) 120 mm²28.8 kA
SBF250561171Flexibar-Cable250 ACopper, Thermoplastic70 mm²120 mm²14.4 kA
SBF400561153Flexibar-Cable400 ACopper, Thermoplastic100 mm²240 mm²28.8 kA
SBF630561157Flexibar-Cable630 ACopper, Thermoplastic240 mm²500 mm²60.0 kA
SBF2C400561155Flexibar-2 Cables400 ACopper, Thermoplastic100 mm²(2) 120 mm²28.8 kA
SBF2C250561172Flexibar-2 Cables400 ACopper, Thermoplastic70 mm²(2) 120 mm²14.4 kA


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