CB12245A Series

DIN Rail Mount 12V or 24V Battery Charger

The CB battery charges a range of microprocessor power supplies that charge the sealed lead battery to optimize performance and durability. Based on switching technology, they obtain a voltage stabilized at the set value, even in the absence of load. This battery charge at three charge levels and with battery diagnosis revolutionize the application of current products on both civil and industrial installations.

The Real Time Auto-diagnostic system, monitoring battery faults such as, elements in short circuit, accidental reverse polarity connection, disconnection of the battery, they can easily be detected and removed by help of Blink Code of Diagnosis Led; during the installation and after sell. Each device is suited for all battery types, by means of jumpers it is possible setting predefined curves for Open Lead Acid, Sealed Lead Acid, Gel, Ni-Cd. A rugged casing with bracket for DIN rail mounting provides IP20 protection degree.

One Device for 12V or 24V Output Voltage

You can select the voltage between 12 or 24Vdc just before installing the device in your panel.

Multi-Stage Charging

Automatic multi-stage operation and real time diagnostic allow fast recharge and recovery of deeply discharged batteries, adding value and reliability to the system hosting the Battery Charger device. The type of charging is Voltages stabilized and Current stabilized IUoU. Battery Charger feature four charging modes, identified by a flashing code on a LED.

  • Recovery (5 Blinks / sec) able to recharge batteries even when their voltage is close to zero
  • Boost – Bulk (2 Blinks / sec)
  • Absorption (1 Blinks / sec)
  • Float (1 Blink / 2 sec)

Specifications Table

Input voltage range90-305VAC
Battery ChemistryLead Acid, Nickel Cadmium, Li-On(optional)
Battery Cell Size12V/24V
Voltage – Nominal14.4V/28.8V
Charge Current – Max6A/5A
Charge Time15 Hrs
Voltage – Input90 ~ 305VAC
Power – Max
Size / Dimension00.08mm x 45.21mm x 100.08mm
Mounting TypeDIN Rail
Termination StyleTerminal Block
FeaturesLED Indicator, Multiple Charge Modes
Operating Temperature-25°C ~ 70°C


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