Busbar Standoff Low Voltage Insulators

Fixing Support for Copper or Aluminium Busbars 

nVent ERIFLEX offers a full range of low-voltage stand-off with a total of 29 sizes available. The cost-effective insulators offer great stability of electrical and mechanical parameters and very high resistance to leakage current. The insulators are manufactured from a halogen-free fibreglass-reinforced thermal set unsaturated polyester molded compound (BMC). Their electro-plated zinc inserts are threaded to ASME® standards. The insulators work in temperatures from -40°C to 130°C. The stand-off insulators meet the requirements of UL® 94 VO for self-extinguishing materials and are UL Recognized to Standard 891, Annex G, Dead-front Switchboards and Accessories, File No.E125470.


  • Halogen-free
  • High resistance to leakage current
  • Great stability of electrical and mechanical parameters
  • Fiberglass reinforced
  • Recognized in E125470 and evaluated for dielectric withstand rating of 1,500 VAC/DC
  •  RoHS compliant
  • IEC Compliance
  • Working temperature –40°C up to 130°C


  • Switchboards
  • Motor control centres
  • Control Panels
  • Marine Transportation
  • Machinery manufacturing

Series Table Busbar Voltage Insulator 1000VAC

Part NumberArticle NumberHeightHHex WidthWDepthDThread SizeTSThread DepthTDDiameterØStatic Load 1F1Static Load 2F2Nominal Voltage ACNominal Voltage DC
ISOTP20M454841020 mm17 mm20 mmM44.0 mm15 mm1,500 N1,000 N10001500
ISOTP20M654842020 mm17 mm20 mmM66.0 mm15 mm1,500 N1,000 N10001500
ISOTP25M554870025 mm19 mm20 mmM56.0 mm18 mm3,000 N1,600 N10001500
ISOTP25M654843025 mm19 mm20 mmM66.0 mm18 mm3,000 N1,600 N10001500
ISOTP30M654844030 mm30 mm34 mmM68.0 mm26 mm6,000 N3,000 N10001500
ISOTP30M854845030 mm30 mm34 mmM88.0 mm26 mm6,000 N3,000 N10001500
ISOTP30M1054845130 mm30 mm34 mmM108.0 mm26 mm6,000 N3,000 N10001500
ISOTP35M6L54847035 mm41 mm46 mmM68.0 mm34 mm11,000 N5,000 N10001500
ISOTP35M854848035 mm41 mm46 mmM88.0 mm34 mm11,000 N8,000 N10001500
ISOTP35M1054849035 mm41 mm46 mmM1010.0 mm34 mm11,000 N8,000 N10001500
ISOTP40M654850040 mm46 mm53 mmM69.0 mm40 mm11,000 N8,000 N10001500
ISOTP40M854851040 mm46 mm53 mmM88.0 mm40 mm11,000 N8,000 N10001500
ISOTP40M1054852040 mm46 mm53 mmM1010.0 mm40 mm11,000 N4,500 N10001500
ISOTP40M1254851140 mm46 mm53 mmM1214.5 mm40 mm11,000 N4,500 N10001500
ISOTP45M654853045 mm41 mm47 mmM69.0 mm34 mm11,000 N6,500 N10001500
ISOTP45M854854045 mm41 mm47 mmM815.0 mm34 mm11,000 N6,500 N10001500
ISOTP45M8L54855045 mm50 mm57 mmM815.0 mm41 mm18,000 N10,000 N10001500
ISOTP45M1054856045 mm50 mm57 mmM1010.0 mm41 mm18,000 N7,000 N10001500
ISOTP50M654857050 mm50 mm57 mmM69.0 mm41 mm20,000 N7,000 N10001500
ISOTP50M854858050 mm50 mm57 mmM815.0 mm41 mm20,000 N10,000 N10001500
ISOTP50M1054859050 mm50 mm57 mmM1010.0 mm41 mm20,000 N10,000 N10001500
ISOTP50M1254858150 mm50 mm57 mmM1214.5 mm41 mm20,000 N10,000 N10001500
ISOTP60M854860060 mm55 mm63 mmM815.0 mm44 mm22,000 N10,000 N10001500
ISOTP60M1054861060 mm55 mm63 mmM1010.0 mm44 mm22,000 N10,000 N10001500
ISOTP60M1254860160 mm55 mm63 mmM1214.5 mm44 mm22,000 N10,000 N10001500
ISOTP60M1654860260 mm55 mm63 mmM1620.0 mm44 mm22,000 N10,000 N10001500
ISOTP70M1054860970 mm65 mm75 mmM1010.0 mm52 mm22,000 N10,000 N10001500
ISOTP70M1254862070 mm65 mm75 mmM1214.0 mm52 mm25,000 N16,000 N10001500
ISOTP70M1654863070 mm65 mm75 mmM1620.0 mm52 mm25,000 N16,000 N10001500
ISOTP75M1054862975 mm65 mm75 mmM1010.0 mm51 mm22,000 N10,000 N10001500
ISOTP75M1254864075 mm65 mm75 mmM1214.0 mm51 mm30,000 N16,000 N10001500
ISOTP75M1654865075 mm65 mm75 mmM1620.0 mm51 mm30,000 N16,000 N10001500
ISOTP80M1254866080 mm65 mm75 mmM1214.0 mm52 mm30,000 N16,000 N10001500
ISOTP80M1654867080 mm65 mm75 mmM1620.0 mm52 mm30,000 N16,000 N10001500
ISOTP100M12548680100 mm65 mm75 mmM1214.0 mm46 mm30,000 N10,000 N10001500
ISOTP100M16548690100 mm65 mm75 mmM1620.0 mm46 mm30,000 N15,000 N10001500

Series Table Busbar Voltage Insulator 500VAC

Part NumberArticle NumberHeightHHex WidthWDepthDThread SizeTSThread DepthTDDiameterØStatic Load 1F1Static Load 2F2Nominal Voltage ACNominal Voltage DC
ISOTP15M454840015 mm14 mm16 mmM44.0 mm12 mm1,500 N1,000 N500500


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