Axon BMS

Backup Management System

Axon BMS is a cutting-edge web system that provides secure and efficient backup management for the electric power industry. It offers registration, organization, presentation, version definition, and access control for information and documents associated with critical cyber assets of a substation.

With Axon BMS, you can easily trace and implement recovery plans, ensuring the highest level of cybersecurity. The access control scheme, with support for LDAP, allows for basic or advanced privileges assigned to each user based on the assigned task or section. With auditing reports, you can audit user actions and search for information related to the system using criteria such as users, assets, or cases. Axon BMS is the perfect solution for organizations looking to streamline their backup management and support their cybersecurity strategies according to standards such as ISO 27000, NERC-CIP or IEC 62443.

Axon BMS is a Private Management Backup System for protecting critical equipment and data

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The general interface has a hierarchical tree structure that allows a detailed and organized view of all substation components such as:

  • Areas
  • Installers
  • Manuals
  • Cyber Asset ( manages all the substations IED through the creation of backups and associated documents)


Within the main view of the platform it is possible to access and control the information contained in each of the elements of the tree, such a list of loaded elements and general description.


Refers to follow-up tickets for those operations associated with system reset, triggered at the time of recovering a critical file. In this view there is also the option to search quickly and easily by case creation date. Additionally, the list of cases has information related to the date of creation, case identification code, associated user, cyber asset from which the case was generated, purpose and the comment made.


The reports section is designed to perform search tasks, grouping all the information about the system in three main groups, by users, by assets and by cases. In each group you can find all the information that is associated to a specific user, asset or case.


Axon BMS licensing allows full access to all features of the Axon BMS design. Licensing process depends on the number of users.

Installation Requirements

  • Web Server: Recommended Apache 2.4 or higher
  • PHP: 7.1.7 o higher
  • MySQL: MariaDB 10.1.25
  • LDAP: LDAP version compatible with PHP7
  • RAM: 2GB + depending on the maximum file size to be supported
  • Disk Space: 100 MB (installation) + 1TB (recommended for data storage)

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