The ASB110 series is a range of complete low profile, full brick, base-plate cooled AC-DC power supplies which require no external components. The series includes a complete built in EMC filter and AC Fuse as well as bulk storage capacitor providing a complete AC-DC power solution ready for installation into end applications. The ASB110 offers high efficiency to minimise waste heat and heat sinking requirements and operates from -40 °C to +85 °C on the module base-plate.


ASB110PS1285 to 264 Vac12 V / 9.17 A110W
ASB110PS1585 to 264 Vac15 V / 7.33 A110W
ASB110PS2485 to 264 Vac24 V / 4.58 A110W
ASB110PS2885 to 264 Vac28 V / 3.93 A110W
ASB110PS3685 to 264 Vac36 V / 3.06 A110W
ASB110PS4885 to 264 Vac48 V / 2.29 A110W


Dimensions:ASB110: 4.60 x 2.40 x 0.67 in (116.8 x 61.0 x 17.0 mm)
Input Voltage:85-264 VAC, Derate linearly from 100% load at 90 VAC to 90% load at 85 VAC
No Load Input Power<0.3 W
Harmonic Currents:EN61000-3-2, class A
Efficiency:90% typical
Operating Temp: -40 °C to +85 °C. Refer to derating curves
Isolation:3000 VAC Input to Output
1500 VAC Input to Ground
500 VDC Output to Ground
Worldwide Safety Approvals:IEC60950-1
European Safety Approvals:EN60950-1
US Safety Approvals:UL60950-1
EMC:EN55022, Level B conducted and radiated