6 GFM Series

12V 24Ah – 300Ah VRLA Lead Acid Batteries

6-GFM series VRLA battery is the latest product developed through latest modern technologies. The 6-GFM Series can be used as backup power supply for communication and signal systems such as telecommunication, railway and vessels etc., as the energy storage system of solar and wind power generation, and as the backup power supply of UPS and emergency illumination.

VRLA batteries are highly recommended due to their low maintenance and great design life. At Helios Power Solutions we hold stock in New Zealand (Auckland) of 40Ah, 65Ah & 120Ah. Other capacities can be back-ordered.

Main Applications

  • Back-up power for communications and signal system
  • Back-up power for Electric power system & nuclear power station
  • Railway and smart transportation systems
  • Back-up power for UPS & emergency lighting
  • Fire alarm and security system


  • 10 years design life
  • Safely and reliably sealed
  • High energy density, low internal resistance and low discharge rate
  • Excellent charging acceptability and high sealed reaction efficiency

Technical Features

  • Adopt high strength ABS plastic, compact structure for battery container and valve, good impact resistance, and shock-resistant performance
  • Adopt multi-element alloy grids, low internal resistance, good corrosion resistance ability and charging acceptability
  • New production process of the plate, improved utilization of active material
  • High-purity electrolyte and special additives (ZL02112896), low self-discharge
  • Multy-layer seal technology and special seal glue, no leakage and no acid mist escape, safe and reliable


Model Datasheet10hr Capacity (Ah,25◦C)Weight (kg)Maximum Charging Current Limited (A)
6-GFM-26 6 GFM 26 Datasheet26Ah95.2

(in stock)

6 GFM 40 Datasheet38Ah138
6-GFM-50 6 GFM 50 Datasheet50Ah1610

(in stock)

6 GFM 65 Datasheet65Ah2213
6-GFM-80 6 GFM 80 Datasheet80Ah2416
6-GFM-100 6 GFM 100 Datasheet100Ah3020

(arriving soon in New Zealand)

6 GFM 120 Datasheet120Ah36.524
6-GFM-150 6 GFM 150 Datasheet150Ah4930
6-GFM-200 6 GFM 200 Datasheet200Ah6440
6-GFM-300 6 GFM 300 Datasheet300Ah8460


Normal Voltage12V
Recommended Operating Temperature15℃~25℃
Design Life @25ºC10 Years
Self Discharge  @ 25℃ (77℉):≤ 8%(at 25℃, 90 days)
Charging Voltage ‘@25℃(77℉)float charge voltage:2.25V/cell at 25℃(77℉);boost charge voltage:2.35V/cell at 25℃(77℉)

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