6-GFMHR Series

12V Sealed  Lead Acid Batteries for UPS Backup Applications

6-GFMHR series high-rate valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery is a 12V battery specifically designed for the data centres, UPS and power systems. Click on the Series Table to find the datasheet of each model with its respective battery discharge curve.

The product is designed with special corrosion-resistant alloy and thin plate technology.Compared with ordinary batteries, it has a greater plate surface area, proprietary additives and combination of labyrinth pole seal technology result in longer life.


  • 15 years design life
  • Typically for UPS with short runtime
  • High consistency, security, reliability and stability
  • Fast recharge and low self-discharge rate
  • 15 years design life
  • Good high current performance
  • Good deep-discharge performance
  • Withstands short-term overcharging
  • Excellent anti-vibration performance

Series Table

ModelC10 (Ah, 25°C)15min@ 1.67V/cell (W, 25°C)Voltage (V)Weight (kg)Datasheet
6-GFMHR-320W80Ah320W1226.5 Datasheet
6-GFMHR-390W85Ah390W1228.5 Datasheet
6-GFMHR-440W100Ah440W1232 Datasheet
6-GFMHR-500W130Ah500W1242.4 Datasheet
6-GFMHR-550W140Ah550W1244.5 Datasheet
6-GFMHR-630W150Ah630W1246 Datasheet
6-GFMHR-700W180Ah700W1258.1 Datasheet
6-GFMHR-750W190Ah750W1260.5 Datasheet
6-GFMHR-800W200Ah800W1261 Datasheet
6-GFMHR-350XW90Ah350W1231 Datasheet
6-GFMHR-410XW100Ah410W1233 Datasheet
6-GFMHR-500XW140Ah500W1246.8 Datasheet
6-GFMHR-590XW150Ah590W1249.5 Datasheet
6-GFMHR-630XW180Ah630W1257.5 Datasheet
6-GFMHR-700XW200Ah700W1260 Datasheet

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