3546 LA

Deep Cycle Battery Charger, Lead Acid Batteries 28W

Main Features

  • 3-step charge control with current detection
  • Universal input voltage (90-264 VAC)
  • Wake up and low current start-up of deeply discharged batteries
  • Error indication for reverse polarity, short circuit, charging battery packs with the wrong number of cells and safety timer run-out
  • Approvals: Medically certified Safety: EN 60601-1 ed. 3.1, EMC: EN 60601-1-2 ed. 4 UL approved

Series Table

Step 0
< 30 min
Step 0
> 30 min
Step 1Step 2Step 3Float charge
(Yellow)(Red=error)(Yellow)(Flash Yellow)(Green)
3546-12100mA ± 25mA
(batt volt< 10.5V)
0A/0V2A ±0.1A
(batt volt >10.5V) (until Vbat = 14.7V)
14.7V ± 0.2V
(until I charge <0.5A or >4hr) tapering charge current
13.7V ± 0.2V (until I charge > 2.0A) supply current up to max. 2.0A
for possible parallel load
Pulsing current at safe float volt. level for max topp. of batt.
3546-24100mA ± 25mA
(batt volt< 21V)
0A/0V1A ± 0.1A
(batt volt< 21V) (until Vbat = 29.4V)
29.4V ± 0.2V
(until I charge <0.25A or >4hr) tapering charge current
27.4V ± 0.2V (until I charge > 1A) supply current up to max 1A
for possible parallel load

Specifications Table

Input voltage90-264 VAC
Line Frequency47 – 63Hz
Switch frequency, approx40 kHz
Leakage current from batt with mains switched off<0.3mA @ nominal battery voltage
Operating Temperature-25 °C – +40 °C
Storage Temperature-25 °C – +85 °C
Ripple< 100 mV p-p
Input terminal2-pin IEC 60320 connector C8
Output terminalsDC connector, battery clips, push on terminals or open ends
Dimensions (LxWxH)124x50x37mm
Safety Protection EMC
ProtectionProtected against reversed polarity and short circuit proof
Insulation classClass II
Insulation Voltage4000VAC / 5700VDC
Electrical SafetyEN/IEC 60335-2-29,
EN/IEC/ANSI 60601-1
EMC standards
MedicalEN 60601-1-2
EmissionEN 55014-1, EN 61000-6-3
ImmunityEN 55014-2, EN 61000-6-1, AS/NZS60335

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