The SOL Series innovative and flexible design provides a reliable source of quality DC power for rugged and harsh environments with battery backup.


SWITCHING FOR POWER UTILITIES: A quality source of DC power is essential for switching in substations where reliability and security are the main features for overall continuity of the operation.THE SOL SERIES has been designed and aimed at
providing utilities the ideal DC Power solution based on a perfect balance between reliability and cost, irrespective of the size of your switching network. DC power supply remains stable and uninterrupted in the event of AC Power failure.

OIL & GAS: From our experience we understand that offshore or onshore, upstream or downstream the OIL & GAS sector has a need for continuous control processes which cannot afford to fail because of the environmental, social and economic consequences.Reticulation of gas, water and petroleum requires continuous control using DC Power. Helios Sol series systems guarantee a reliable source of DC power, even in the event of AC grid failure.

RAIL: Quality, backed up DC Power is needed throughout rail networks for switching, lighting control, signalling, automation, communication and security. DC Power components for the railway industry must offer safe and reliable operation even under extreme environmental conditions which include vibration, temperature extremes, dust, and EMC interference. THE SOL SERIES, with its convection cooled rectifiers, is designed to operate reliably in these challenging conditions.



Input Voltage 176-320VAC
Out Voltage 12,24,48,110,220VDC
Power 250W to 18KW
Batteries 40Ah to 210Ah
Output Distribution Up to 44AC or DC Breakers
Communication SNMP,TCP/IP,MODBUS
Interface USB,ETHERNET,Touch Screen
Cabinet Height 12 TO 47U

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