Wireless Broadband Surge Protection

Wireless Broadband Surge Protection

The demand for high-speed wireless internet and data network access over a wide area has grown at a rapid pace. This growth has led to a proliferation of access points (base stations) and subscriber units. For optimum transmission and receipt of signals, the antennas on the access points and subscriber units are mounted at the highest point possible. This helps to maximize communication range and to create better line-of-sight advantages. Unfortunately, these mounting locations also
increase the possibility of lightning induced surges and they provide a point for static charges to collect.

A single lightning strike involves thousands of volts and thousands of amperes of current that can cause severe damage to radio equipment. Although some equipment contains built-in protection, most cannot handle the transient energy of a powerful strike.

The Six Point Plan of Protection from ERICO outlines an integrated system design approach to help provide total facility lightning protection. The plan combines the capture and dissipation of lightning strikes, the elimination of ground loops, and the protection of equipment from surges and transients from multiple sources

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Wireless Broadband Surge Protection for radio stations